Alder Fenton

The digital image’s that you are now going to peruse, or stare at intently, are the product that began in fiction that made me dream in fantasy to give birth to it’s reality.  In May of 2010,  I was in a truck accident that changed my whole reality. After miraculously surviving and given another chance to live life, I started taking  pictures using a negative filtre surveying the environment around me, that was revealing to my eye patterns and symetry in nature that I never noticed before.  Using a smart phone as a tool or medium to gleen into nature, was and is magical to me, and I came across applications that allowed me to create mirrored images in real-time.  I sorta became fixated on my discoveries that changed and enhanced my consciousness, real or imagined; either way, I have a passion for what I do. I love using tons of color, hues, contrast, filtres, and I also enjoy something I call “fractal puzzling”  where I take various and diverse image’s and assemble them into one image, like putting together a puzzle from nature to see what reality or realties come out.  What will become of it?  I don’t know; but I am consistantly exploring to find out.  Without further ado, enjoy my Amagination and discoveries as I enjoy being integrated into the artist world that has forever changed me making me eternally grateful.   Ψ  - Alder 

Comic, Digital Art, Other, Photography, Printing