Anne Green

Anne Green

Artist statement: My work comes from observing nature: patterns, color, energy, light, and shadow. I translate aspects of nature and my relationship to it through paint to allow me to connect and experience it in a deeper, more intimate and personal way. I’m drawn to complexities – layers of light and shadow, repetition of forms and patterns, contrasts and forces that push and pull at each other.

Painting draws me deeper into the experience and as I work on them a new relationship is created. Each painting reflects my perceptions and thoughts about the subject.  The paintings begin to relate to each other and create a larger vision and a new relationship.

Education: BFA, San Francisco Art Institute

Teaching:Taught Figure Drawing and Anatomy and drawing classes in Los Angeles from 1987-1995 incluiding Otis College of Art and Design, Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles High School for the arts, Brentwood Private School.

Exhibited in various shows in Los Angeles including The Los Angeles County Museum of Art Rental Gallery and in the San Francisco bay area.