Carrie Clayden

Painting is my passion.  I wasn’t always an artist, it came to me later in life.  My first art class was in high school as an elective and I remember thinking “art is fun”.  Then many years later I was ready to get a Bachelor’s degree so I decided to major in Art at UCSC, combining it with Women’s Studies for an overall good balance.  Ironically after I graduated I quit making art.  ”They” were the real artists , I was a wannabe.  Then I read the book “The Artist Way” by Julia Cameron and it changed my life.  Julia identified the critic which was sabotaging me all along.  All of a sudden I was free to make art, and it has been my focus ever since 2009.  Currently I live in Santa Cruz, Ca. and  my studio is at the 17th Ave studio collective.  My studio is my haven.  

 My latest portfolio of work centers around water.  My soul feels peace when I am near or in water.  When I was a teenager we lived in the Caribbean on the island of St.Croix USVI. The experience of living on a small island transformed me in many ways, I ended up returning to live there again in my 20′s and I continue to make pilgrimages there as often as possible.  The white sandy beaches, warm water, and humid 80 degree weather intoxicate me .  Recently we moved to Santa Cruz to be closer to the water and my soul feels peaceful. It is only natural that I am painting the ocean in many ways, as it is the center of my spirit.  Water is the source of all life and for me the source of happiness.