Amber Romano

The Artist I am an artist based in Santa Cruz California a place that in my heart I most consider home. I was born in Chicago, Illinois on June 14th 1990. I feel constantly inspired. I have had much beauty and pain in my life which has deepened the meaning of my work as well as [...]

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Phoenix Rose

As an event promoter w Heart Tribe Present here in Santa Cruz I have always loved bridging community through mixing genres of electronic and live music blending different scenes together to create a unique experience. With my art I strive to do the same. I am an Air Brush Artist, Photographer, and Graphic Designer with [...]

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Chad E. Belknap

My name is Chad E. Belknap, my home is where I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, Ca. Playing in the woods as a child developed my appreciation and admiration of trees as they grow and wood as it decomposes. I am traditionally trained and Licensed as a C6 Finish Carpenter from design to [...]

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Cathy Barner Carter

Cathy Carter – Local Artist – Making Memories In Santa Cruz I am a relatively new local artist in Santa Cruz.  I make Shadow Boxes with seashells, starfish, sandollars, seahorses or memorabilia of folks special occasions; Beach In A Bottle which are vintage odd shaped bottles with sand and seashells,sea glass, or pottary shards, Memory [...]

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From a love of gardening, to a degree in agriculture, a deep appreciation has grown and blossomed for the living world and what I believe to be the most beautiful artistic medium; the incredibly diverse world of plants. They offer a second-to-none spectrum of natural hues, tones, textures, and shapes. Their natural beauty doesn’t have to come [...]

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Paul Lee

Paul Lee studied philosophy at St. Olaf College and received his divinity degree and PhD from Harvard. He taught at Harvard, MIT, and UC Santa Cruz, where he founded the first organic garden on a university with Alan Chadwick in 1967. In 1976 alongside Paige Smith, he began the California Conservation Corps under Jerry Brown’s [...]

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HaVen Art Studio

“Releasing More Creativity Into Our Community” is our motto and how we share art with others. Haven Art Studio began in California, 2005 and we now travel the world creating new art. We started this dream with our large family of artists. With four sisters and two brothers, our family chose to pursue art. Eight [...]

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Anne LaBrie

Happy Summer 2017 for my blog! Bio: With my digital photography, It is my joy to capture, spontaneous and fleeting shapes and forms in nature.  The random sticks and seaweed that are found on a beach, the  shadow that forms when light falls through the slats of an awning, or the [...]

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Susana Arias

Susana Arias 2523 A Mission St.   *  Santa Cruz, California    *   831.566-6607  *   Susana Arias was born in Panama City, Panama. She lives in Santa Cruz, California since 1978. One Person Exhibitions 2011 “Sculptures and Paintings – Galeria Habitante – Panama City, Panama 2007 “Nidos de Oropendula, Caballos y Otros Temas” – [...]

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Hello! My name is Phoenix, The MoodyArtist.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               I, Phoenix am not moody or brooding, rather The Moody Artist is about creating ‘moods’. The use of bright colors with a sense of wind blowing them across the canvas is the ‘mood’ created. I love creating a moving experience through painting. Much of my work is [...]

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