Mary Vidnovic

SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2016       Botanic & Luxe, Santa Cruz, CA 2016       Iveta Gourmet, Santa Cruz, CA 2015        Ella’s at the Airport, Watsonville, CA 2015        La Raux Salon, Capitola, CA 2015        Mutari Chocolate House & Factory, Santa Cruz, CA 2015     [...]

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Stoney Miller

A Monterey Bay Native, inspired by nature. Focus of art is where the sea meets the land. Stability and the instability of the moment. With a back ground in tribal wave designs’. Now exploring textures and mix mediums,  A mix of  land features and large waves with water current and sky accents. Art  has been [...]

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John F. Hunter

Hello, My name is John Hunter. I set myself apart from other photographers by printing my unique shot`s on metallic photo paper! Metallic paper is as close to three dimensional as it gets. The paper makes the right photos” really stunning”, which is a quote from one of my photography teacher`s at Cabrillo. This paper [...]

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Jacqueline Lequigan

Welcome to the Compassion Kawaii First Friday profile!Still pretty much under construction, but please feel free to browse the photos and visit my etsy shop! ♥ Jacky

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Sharon King

 I create  silk screens and digital photographs. My work is largely autobiographical and often contains multiple images relating to personal stories. Most recently, I am showing work at the “In Dreams” invitational exhibit at the Santa Cruz County Bank, through April, 2013. 

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Karen Asherah

Karen Asherah is a fine artist specializing in animal and nature photography. Most of her images are from Felton and locations around the Central Coast of California. Karen is passionate about representing the unique character and personality of her subjects. Many of her images include horses at liberty.  Through her guardianship of a Paint horse, [...]

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Dru Thorensen

I am inspired by, and drawn to, the beautiful California coast line. Im am trying to simply capture the patterns, colors and textures of the sand and stone that are shaped by the wind, sun and ocean. 

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Anne LaBrie

Happy New Year 2017! for my blog! Bio: With my digital photography, It is my joy to capture, spontaneous and fleeting shapes and forms in nature.  The random sticks and seaweed that are found on a beach, the  shadow that forms when light falls through the slats of an awning, or [...]

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Elise Ann Wormuth

I am a Central Coast photographer and digital artist. I use a process called “texturing,” along with other methods, to manipulate photographs.  The image develops not with a click of a button in Photoshop but rather with a painstaking sequence of steps that results in a work that occupies a space in which it is [...]

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Julia & Lance Photography & Design

We are Julia Held and Lance Miller, a husband and wife team from Santa Cruz, California. The majority of our work focuses on landscapes and wildlife. We have a passion for the natural world, and capturing its special moments brings happiness to us and to others. Photography has inspired us to see the world differently, [...]

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