Donavon Winters

Local artist. 

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robert hymes

Prints, drawings, photographs, and paintings on old windows all inspired by a deep respect for our beautiful life in paradise on the Pacific. California designed and made, hemp and organic cotton garments with whales. 

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John Cimperman

My mission is to spread Light, Love, and Inspiration through my writing and visual art. I have canvas paintings, prints, and vinyl stickers to sell, and am currently writing an illustrated fairy tale for children of all ages. I have been wandering this ancient planet for many years, and I’ve still much to see. But [...]

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Suzy Norris

In the spring of 2013, Suzy Norris was quite suddenly touched by an art angel. At the time, she was facing a very rocky time of health-challenges related to late-stage lyme disease, and was being brought to her knees by the experience, It was then, at this low point in her life, that her dear [...]

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Linda Levy

Inspired by local landscapes and life drawings, most of my current work is painted using a computer program Painter © Corel, as my artist’s media / tool to produce final, one-of-a-kind archival fine art images. All my pieces are originals: imagery is drawn on the computer.  I typically use drawings created from life drawing / [...]

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Julietta Sabharwal

Based in Santa Cruz and San Francisco, Julietta is a largely self-taught painter, though she continues to study art under various mentors for the past fifteen years. She started with oils then moved to acrylics and every now and then uses mixed media. Julietta was born and educated in Strasbourg, France after which she moved [...]

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Dave Cacace

“VEGAN TAXIDERMY” No animals were harmed in the making of these masks.  I started making masks out of palm fronds. They fell on the ground across the street where I walk my dog daily. I noticed the that the base of the branch that connects to the trunk already looked like a face. I took [...]

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Martin Calvo

I love to paint and love the individuality of art and I am exploring that with acrylic paints on canvas. I like to put a spin on reality and imagination with lots of color and dimension. I like to observe the world around me and also take from my experiences from my past in Mexico [...]

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Amber Romano

The Artist I am an artist based in Santa Cruz California a place that in my heart I most consider home. I was born in Chicago, Illinois on June 14th 1990. I feel constantly inspired. I have had much beauty and pain in my life which has deepened the meaning of my work as well as [...]

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Afrid Ghoffrani

Afrid Ghoffrani, born in 1959 in Bochum, Germany Travelling for the past 30+ years in Asia has deeply influenced me. Most of my paintings start as a drawing in my sketch book.  I love to catch the peaceful moments when nobody is looking and to share the quiet and stillness I experience.  Color is essential.  [...]

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