John Cimperman

My mission is to spread Light, Love, and Inspiration through my writing and visual art. I have canvas paintings, prints, and vinyl stickers to sell, and am currently writing an illustrated fairy tale for children of all ages. I have been wandering this ancient planet for many years, and I’ve still much to see. But [...]

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Darci Bogdan

Darci Shea Bogdan, a native to Santa Cruz, has been working as a freelance Illustrator for a number of years and has a degree in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design. Darci recently moved back to the bay area from New York City and currently lives aboard a sailboat where she sails, surfs [...]

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Sarah Jane Morabito

When I was a little girl, I grew up in a large family of siblings where although we thrived in the chaos and found comfort in the company, I felt like I was always trying to find my voice and be heard. At 15 I picked up a guitar and started to write songs, and [...]

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Leigh Erickson

As color theory has particularly been an interest of mine, my choice of color is inventive yet responsive. Mainly used to highlight the of subject of my work, I view color as a way for me to celebrate the Earths’ natural palette. You will often find I choose to highlight treasures among every day life that [...]

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abigail elaine

Abigail has been seeking different creative outlets since she can remember. She has explored many art forms including, various musical instruments, dance, hairstyling, painting, and sculpture. Abigail’s most recent body of work is inspired by her move from Los Angeles to the Santa Cruz mountains. Incorporations of colors drawn from vibrant city life are combined with subjects pulled from [...]

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Destiny Rose Mattson

Destiny Rose Mattson is a mixed-media artist who was born and raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains. She studied Visual and Public Art in the Monterey Bay and enjoys witnessing the impact that art can create within the community through its many different forms. In the last few years she has been heavily influenced by [...]

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Travis Luckhurst

I am a self taught artist from San Diego, California. Drawing, painting, and art projects of all sorts have always been my primary passion in life. Graffiti, comic book, and tattoo art are the art styles I dig the most. But I enjoy all other styles of art and consider myself a versatile artist; adapting [...]

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Ed & Ash

Who We Are:With over 12 years of design experience, we are a husband and wife team who aim to make beutiful and well designed lettpress art prints, greeting cards and custom designs as well as educating others with our hands on workshops. About the Press:Its a Golding Pearl no 11, Built in 1902 and 730 [...]

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Illustrating Santa Cruz! This event is a kick off event for our new series “Illustrating Santa Cruz”. Current designs focus on combining design from our local history and roots with elements of modern life. Combining pencil and ink Victorian illustrations with digital and photographic backgrounds even the art it’s self is a combination of [...]

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Mary Vidnovic

SOLO EXHIBITS 2017     Stockwell Cellars, Santa Cruz, CA 2016     Botanic and Luxe, Santa Cruz, CA              Iveta Gourmet, Santa Cruz, CA 2015     Ella’s at the Airport, Watsonville, CA              La Raux Salon, Capitola, CA              Mutari Chocolate House, Santa Cruz, CA              Smooth [...]

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