Lorrie Klosterman

I am primarily a watercolor painter, and though I sometimes work in mixed media, I especially enjoy the interplay of water and pigments on paper. I began watercolor painting as a means to depict some of the imaginary journeys I experienced during a workshop on guided imagery. I could see very well, in my imagination, [...]

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Lee Fratto

Lee Fratto was born and raised in New York City. He attended The High School of Art and Design, and received a scholarship to The Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale where he received his degree in Advertising Art and Illustration. “My love for painting was handed down through generations of artists on both sides of [...]

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Rosalind San Felipe

In the first grade, Rosalind wrote and illustrated her first book. She convinced her mother to drive her to the library, so she could sell it to them. Since then she has been creating art in many careers including jewelry designer, florist, home and garden couturier, as well as a fine artist, and still selling [...]

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