Kirsti Scott

Seaglass collecting is my hobby and graphic design is my profession. Etched by the Sea is the combination of these two loves, and I hope you enjoy my sea glass, pottery, and shell designs as much as I loved creating them! I create my mosaics using beautifully worn pieces of genuine sea glass. I the photograph [...]

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Paola Favatà

Italian architect, studio jeweler, artist. Read more about me on my website: Thanks!

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Sadie Wing

Sadie Wing is a visual artist who works primarily in digital collage, mixed-media collage, illustration and ink paint, the fantasy-based artist focuses on phantasmagorical and spiritual themes when creating work. Sadie’s artwork is inspired by spiritual art, psychedelic art, energy, Japanese illustrations and children stories. Sadie attended the San Francisco Art Institute and received a Bachelor’s degree [...]

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Danica Roth

As a geologist and lifelong adventurer, I draw inspiration from a wide range of organic, geometric and architectural forms. From a young age, my passion for translating inspiration into art has been entwined with my love of science and experimentation, leading me to explore a variety of arts and crafts, styles and techniques. Today my [...]

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Amy Wolfe

…Be Heart Now™…  …’HEART-Headed’ … Highly PHOTO-genic, HAND-made Miniatures … on a MIGHTY Mission… Offering an Incredibly Hopeful & Quite Literal Visualization of What the World …IS and CAN BE… with Intentional ‘HEART-Headed’ Mindfulness…Thank-YOU …for REFLECT’n, FEEL’n & SPREAD’n the LOVE!!!  Original Handmade Crafts with Hopeful Perspective … and… Adorable Perspective Photography… Alongside …. the [...]

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Suzie Thomas

I have been making jewelry for over 20 years. I find beauty in tiny objects found in nature. Living in a redwood forest conjured a strong admiration for tiny twigs, lichen and moss and I loved how they resembled a forest scene on a micro scale. This began my jewelry design involving resin. When I [...]

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Linda Levy

Inspired by local landscapes and life drawings, most of my current work is painted using a computer program Painter © Corel, as my artist’s media / tool to produce final, one-of-a-kind archival fine art images. All my pieces are originals: imagery is drawn on the computer.  I typically use drawings created from life drawing / [...]

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Amber Romano

The Artist I am an artist based in Santa Cruz California a place that in my heart I most consider home. I was born in Chicago, Illinois on June 14th 1990. I feel constantly inspired. I have had much beauty and pain in my life which has deepened the meaning of my work as well as [...]

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Janet Edwards

Welcome to JanetsArt! Check out my latest recycled clocks on

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Sara Berquist

ABOUT THE DESIGNER… Sara Berquist is at home when she is either deep in the mountains or on the edge of the ocean. Her spirit is rooted in adventure that has taken her from the fishing boats of Alaska’s rugged coastline to the mountains and jungles stretching across Asia’s ring of fire. Her inspiration is [...]

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