Lisa Undercoffler

Lisa Undercoffler is an artist and designer who lives and works in the Santa Cruz Mountains with her husband, dog and 2 kitties. She grew up in Connecticut and New York, and was a student of architecture at Rhode Island School of Design. After moving to San Francisco in 1992, Lisa earned her BFA at [...]

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Tracy Oliver

Beyond our everyday perception, my art hints at elements that surround us on levels beyond our normal awareness. On a micro level, we share an atmospheric sea with dust made of stars and skin and scales, all made iridescent by water molecules and light. On a macro level, to paraphrase the poet, Jean Tooner, we [...]

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Sylas Jumper

Drawing for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been, for the most part, a self taught artist. My sketching here and there eventually evolved into other mediums including: acrylic paint pens, colored pencils, and, most recently, auto paint and airbrushing. My career as a firefighter has given me the flexibility to purse my [...]

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Bruce Magrane

I began making furniture some thirty years ago.All types. As I phased into lamp making I found it the most freeing of all past designing.Desiring to create pieces outside the limits of functional items,I figured anything goes as long as it glows.I began expermenting with lamp shades, pendants and sconces, then applying what I learned [...]

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Jared Leake

Jared Leake – Artist Bio – 2016 Jared Leake is a high school art teacher and practicing artist in Santa Cruz, California.  He earned his BA as an arts education major at Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts.  Jared received his MED-Teacher of Visual Arts degree from Lesley University/Art Institute of Boston where his concentration was [...]

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Dave Cacace

“VEGAN TAXIDERMY” No animals were harmed in the making of these masks.  I started making masks out of palm fronds. They fell on the ground across the street where I walk my dog daily. I noticed the that the base of the branch that connects to the trunk already looked like a face. I took [...]

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Alder Fenton

The digital image’s that you are now going to peruse, or stare at intently, are the product that began in fiction that made me dream in fantasy to give birth to it’s reality.  In May of 2010,  I was in a truck accident that changed my whole reality. After miraculously surviving and given another chance to [...]

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Chad E. Belknap

My name is Chad E. Belknap, my home is where I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, Ca. Playing in the woods as a child developed my appreciation and admiration of trees as they grow and wood as it decomposes. I am traditionally trained and Licensed as a C6 Finish Carpenter from design to [...]

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Mardeen Gordon

I am 52 years old, living in Ben Lomond for the past 22 years, and I have always been a creator of things that make you go “Wow!” I have been a commercial sign maker since 1983, but I have been making art long before that. My mom taught me to embroider when I was [...]

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abigail elaine

Abigail has been seeking different creative outlets since she can remember. She has explored many art forms including, various musical instruments, dance, hairstyling, painting, and sculpture. Abigail’s most recent body of work is inspired by her move from Los Angeles to the Santa Cruz mountains. Incorporations of colors drawn from vibrant city life are combined with subjects pulled from [...]

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