Christina Martin


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Christine Moran

MOBILES – Art that Moves!!! Often fascinated with kinetic art, Moran has delved into making mobiles.  This new phase of her artistic career has brought  much joy to the artist and those viewing her work. “There is something so fascinating about art that moves,” she said. “It is interesting to integrate the mechanics of building, [...]

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Christopher Allen

My name is Christopher Allen, and I have been creating art using recycled materials for about 3 years now. I primarily work with bottles, wire, bicycle parts, industrial materials, reclaimed wood, and plywood, but I also like to incorporate random materials I find on the street and on Craigslist. I love the idea of transforming [...]

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Cindy Mori

I am an aspiring artist living in Santa Cruz.  I am very passionate about my new adventure in painting and hope you like my art!  I would describe it as HAPPY!

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Claudia Amling-MacFarland

Claudia Amling-MacFarland, is a local Open Studios Jewelry Artist who works with Precious Metal Clay, or “PMC”, an Eco-friendly, “green” product partially made from recycled photographic and x-ray silver.   Claudia’s passion is creating one-of-a-kind Fine Silver jewelry. Living here in Santa Cruz she loves ocean themed textures on her unique jewelry and currently has [...]

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Clay Edgin

I was born in Salinas, CA but have lived all over the country before coming home again to Santa Cruz in 2011. Since 2004 I’ve been performing old time feats of strength like the strongmen of Coney Island and Vaudeville – twisting horseshoes, bending wrenches, twisting steel bars – for crowds all over the country.  [...]

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Cole Franklin

my father was a 5th generation Californian and my mother immigrated to the US circa 1952.  I studied Applied Physics at University California Irvine with an emphasis in Plasma Physics and Electrical Engineering and a bunch of other science stuff. Currently, Principal Scientist at a large bay area firm.  Before the age of 16 I [...]

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Conner Quinto

Conner James Quinto is a Photographer from Santa Cruz, California. He studied photography at Cabrillo College and UCSC where he started out in the darkroom developing pictures the old-fashioned way, before transferring that knowledge into the digital realm. Conner specializes in Landscape and Macro photography, working in the real and the abstract. Conner earned a degree [...]

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Cristina Sayers

Growing up living life by the shore of this Technicolor town should came with a funky soundtrack, subtitles, and patchouli scented incense. My work is a love letter to my home town full of home town pride, sentiment, and freedom. -Cristina Sayers Background: Cristina- A Santa Cruz native who is also a humble self taught, [...]

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Carlos Vasile McCoy-Olguin Felton, CA 95018 Currently, my work is inspired by notions of apocalypse and rebirth. On January 3rd, 2003, at age 28, drunk, destitute and without a high school diploma, I began a new life journey through substance abuse rehabilitation. As a re-entry student I attended West Valley College in Saratoga, CA [...]

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Dan Tracy

  My professional life was spent caring for and educating teenagers. I have been a minister, supervised a dormitory in a Boarding School and been a High School teacher and administrator, but it was a trip to the swimming pool with a 4 year old that changed my life. As he climbed up the diving [...]

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Dana Weigand

DANA WEIGAND 9661 Zayante Dr., Felton, CA 95018 831.566.6104 Born In Kansas and raised in Santa Fe during the 1970′s, I was attracted by the color and texture of the milieu in which I grew up, I was drawn towards the internal fabric of the Southwest. It sparked a burning invitation for me to [...]

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Danica Roth

As a geologist and lifelong adventurer, I draw inspiration from a wide range of organic, geometric and architectural forms. From a young age, my passion for translating inspiration into art has been entwined with my love of science and experimentation, leading me to explore a variety of arts and crafts, styles and techniques. Today my [...]

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Darci Bogdan

Darci Shea Bogdan, a native to Santa Cruz, has been working as a freelance Illustrator for a number of years and has a degree in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design. Darci recently moved back to the bay area from New York City and currently lives aboard a sailboat where she sails, surfs [...]

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Darren Odden

I got my first camera when I was 12, a 110 Instamatic. I took mostly black and white at the time because it was less expensive than developing color. In doing so, I was able to develop my own film and learned the power of framing, contrast and that sometimes, simple is best. I am [...]

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Dave Cacace

“VEGAN TAXIDERMY” No animals were harmed in the making of these masks.  I started making masks out of palm fronds. They fell on the ground across the street where I walk my dog daily. I noticed the that the base of the branch that connects to the trunk already looked like a face. I took [...]

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David Dennis

Photographer, world traveler, surfer, Santa Cruz local.

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David Sievert

The camera’s greatest ability is it’s visual retention of history and the resulting record of changes that are recorded.  The comparative views of yesterday and today via the aerial perspective reveal the interests, intensity and direction of an evolving community.  That bird’s eye view presents graphic observations of a geography, its people and their habitats. [...]

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Deana Glenz

I moved to Santa Cruz at the age of 17.  I always knew I didn’t belong in the high mountain desert of Eastern Oregon and couldn’t wait to be by the sea.  I fell in love with photography at a young age. I took my first photography class as a freshman in high school. I remember [...]

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Deb R Collins

Welcome! Art is a constant companion and a way of quiet reflection for me. For years I have been a photographer and a painter. To me, painting is just a deeper exploration of the images I see. The challenge is always finding a way to explore and document what I see in my mind’s eye. [...]

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Debbie and Steve Wiley

We are a small family based company located in Santa Cruz, CA. Our themes are inspired by the California central coast environment and culture. ♥ Our etsy site specializes in Fine Art Prints in a variety of medias such as archival Fine Art Paper, Bamboo Panels, Metal Prints and more. ♥ Debbie concentrates on Asian [...]

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Debbie Corona

BFA – University of Alaska Anchorage, Sculpture MFA – Academy of Art University, San Francisco, Sculpture Studio Art Teacher Commissions – Calvary Chapel Santa Cruz & Private  Private Collections in Australia, Alaska, California, Colorado Art has always been a part of my existence and I knew I would in some way be involved with creating. [...]

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Deborah Good

Deborah Good holds a BFA and participated in graduate studies in painting at San Francisco State University. She left a career as an art director to pursue her interest in painting, drawing and photography. The Life Forces series of paintings is informed by studies in design, color, symbolism, art history, meditation, perennial philosophy, and an abiding [...]

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Destiny Rose Mattson

Destiny Rose Mattson is a mixed-media artist who was born and raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains. She studied Visual and Public Art in the Monterey Bay and enjoys witnessing the impact that art can create within the community through its many different forms. In the last few years she has been heavily influenced by [...]

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Diana Walsworth

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Diana Viacheslavovna Walsworth’s inspiration for her artwork comes from her love of the wild outdoors, where she frequently has unique encounters with animals. She has been chased by sea lions, circled by a great white shark, gobbled with turkeys, and strolled in the forest next to a rattlesnake. Diana seeks to share [...]

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Diane Rejman

(photo at left:  Sunrise on the Santa Cruz Wharf (181)                  “HOMAGE TO SANTA CRUZ AND THE MONTEREY BAY” RECENT NEWS I am sad/happy to report I have moved to Phoenix, AZ.  Decades ago, I lived in Mesa, east of Phoenix.  In a way, I returned “home.”  I [...]

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Dimitrious Nichols

My paintings explore the spiritual nature of both the observed and the observer, and I use the ever changing and elusive character of the ocean as the background for my work.  I explore ideas and concepts that help me to constantly refine my spiritual vision and love for the sea  which I share through my [...]

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Don Golden

My mother’s passion for art inspired me to become an artist. She was a portrait artist working in pastels and oils. We would sit and talk for hours about the history of art, her start in drawing, styles, techniques, why DaVinci did it the way he did and why, her favorite artist, Van Gogh did [...]

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Donavon Winters

Local artist. 

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Donna Bourne

I have been painting in the Santa Cruz area since 1982 and paint primarily in oil. I studied graphic design and painting at UCSC and Cabrillo. I love to photograph and use my photographs as ideas for my paintings. My interpretive landscapes work to capture the light and movement of nature to create the illusion [...]

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Donna Rumwell

People often ask Donna why she paints octopus. Her passion for the ocean is about tranquility, healing, origin of life and new beginnings. The ocean is a reflection of the health of our planet. Her work opens up conversations that lead to better understanding of the creatures that live in the ocean. As more people begin [...]

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Doug Ross

Doug Ross has been making fine art silkscreen prints since 2005 at his home studio in Santa Cruz. His work is a product of place, and the abundant wild spaces we have here in Santa Cruz, both land and sea, have had an obvious influence on the subject matter. Doug’s work is populated with stylized [...]

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Dru Thorensen

I am inspired by, and drawn to, the beautiful California coast line. Im am trying to simply capture the patterns, colors and textures of the sand and stone that are shaped by the wind, sun and ocean. 

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Ed & Ash

Who We Are:With over 12 years of design experience, we are a husband and wife team who aim to make beutiful and well designed lettpress art prints, greeting cards and custom designs as well as educating others with our hands on workshops. About the Press:Its a Golding Pearl no 11, Built in 1902 and 730 [...]

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Ed Penniman

Artist’s Statement When I look at our natural world I am always inspired by its beauty, harmony, variety and am drawn to paint.  My soul is enriched and hopes my art will do that for others. After I have been painting quietly for a while, I love how nature comes alive. The same thing happens [...]

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Ed Smiley

Ed Smiley is noted for his vivid and colorful abstractions.  His recent work is primarily in acrylic and direct acrylic transfer of scanned, modified and computer generated forms.  He has also exhibited works in gouache,oil, alkyd, silkscreen, intaglio, collage, xerography, assemblage and kinetic light boxes.  He has studied many things; art, engineering, and computers, and has worked [...]

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Eileen Murray

Eileen Murray is a California figurative painter of people and animals. Her most recent works include “The Restaurant Series” and “All About Canines.” She is a graduate of San Jose State University where she studied literature and painting. She works in acrylic on canvas with occasional forays into watercolor, oil and ink. Her works are [...]

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Elise Ann Wormuth

I am a Central Coast photographer and digital artist. I use a process called “texturing,” along with other methods, to manipulate photographs.  The image develops not with a click of a button in Photoshop but rather with a painstaking sequence of steps that results in a work that occupies a space in which it is [...]

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Emily Meehan

Born 1991 Emily Meehan was raised in Napa, California and has been a student of art since early childhood. With parents who are both artistically and musically inclined, Emily was encouraged at a young age to start making work and honing her skills in the painting and drawing arena since a young age. Though she [...]

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Erica Cassidy

Erica Cassidy is a California native new to the Santa Cruz Community.  She has been a ‘maker’ as long as she can remember. It wasn’t until she was choosing a major for college that she realized she was an artist. Her career as an artist began after graduation when the work began to sell. “If I [...]

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Erika Ismerio

Erika Ismerio has been painting since she was thirteen years old in her native country, Brazil. After her moved to the USA in her early twenties, she got her formal education at San Jose State University. She obtained her Bachelors degree in Arts focusing in General Design and Masters degree in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing in [...]

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Esperanza Richart

I grew up in a border town to Mexico.. Laredo, Texas. This was a place where if you didn’t speak english, all teachers were equipped to explain assignments to you in Spanish. I was about 7 years old and we had just moved to Laredo from Wyoming so it was a bit of a culture [...]

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Evelyn Drew

Evelyn Jenkins Drew is a fifth generation California artist. She studied at San Jose State University in California, receiving a bachelors’ degree in art in 1980. Evelyn paints bright and colorful “beachy” scenes with turquoise water, banana trees and palms that evoke the warmth of the tropical breezes of the Caribbean, California, Hawaii, and Mexico. [...]

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Evelyn Markasky

Evelyn started her life in an edgy little steel town with a large immigrant population in Youngstown, Ohio. Life in Youngstown was shaped by steel and she is left with the image of the nighttime sky glowing pink from the blast furnaces 24 hours a day. It is this image she has subconsciously recreated in [...]

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Fabled Images

Fabled Images presents “No Acid Required”, a Photo Art series reflecting nature’s beauty in and around Santa Cruz. Fabled Images are fluid, aqueous reflections, often abstract and sometimes dreamy scenes brought to you by Johnny Fabulous. Known by many as a “bourbon-esque” crooner, to others he is a curious oracle of jazz, soul and the [...]

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Faye Cates

Plan B Pottery is the studio for Faye Cates and is located in Aptos, Califorina. Her pottery is predominately high fire porcelain and is both dishwasher and micowave safe. All glazes are lead free. Each piece is made by hand with the purpose of providing beautiful and decorative pieces to use in everyday life.

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Frank Leonard

I am a photographer residing in Ben Lomond, CA.  I specialize in outdoor nude figure photography, Landscapes, and Contemplative images.  I have a gallery, a studio, and a frameshop here in Ben Lomond.  There are two upcoming events at my newly expanded gallery, Open Studios on Oct. 13, 14, 20, 21, and a Grand Opening [...]

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Frederick Liang

My most recent body of work is a photography series from a trip to mainland China and Hong Kong in 2015, where I reclaimed my Chinese heritage as a young adult. I quickly had to acculturate myself to a new environment and begin to familiarize myself with a country where my family once called home. [...]

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Giancarlo Thomae

My name is Giancarlo Thomae and I am a Captain for  Elkhorn Slough Safaris, and am a photographer and Marine Biologist for Sanctuary Cruises Whale Watching at Moss Landing, California in the Monterey Bay. I recently graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in Biology. I lead paddle board tours for SUP Shack Santa Cruz and guest lecture at [...]

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Glenn Carter


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