Idea Fab Labs

Idea Fab Labs Santa Cruz is a member-driven creation zone located on the second-floor at the Wrigley Building at 2879 Mission Street, Santa Cruz, CA.  We are building a space for technical and artistic minds to come together and build a community.  Innovation Idea Fab Labs is an open environment meant to foster innovation through hands-on learning and collaboration. Idea [...]

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Isabell Fearnsby

Isabell K. Fearnsby, Oil Painter

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Ismael Ruelas

Artist Castroville, CA

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Israel Fickett

I’m a 22 year-old painter from coastal Maine. I’ve been creating art since I was born, with it heavily passed-down and influenced by my father, David Fickett. I was born drawing, and since then I’ve been constantly searching for new ways to express my perceptions and experiences. I started to hone my painting skill at Mt.Desert [...]

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Jacqueline Lequigan

Welcome to the Compassion Kawaii First Friday profile!Still pretty much under construction, but please feel free to browse the photos and visit my etsy shop! ♥ Jacky

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Jacquie Walton – JW Art Pottery

Like many artists, I was first exposed to art in elementary school. One of my earliest memories is of learning to use the coil method to make a bowl and burnish the clay with a smooth stone. The only thing I have ever wanted to be is an artist. I have been attracted to the art [...]

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Jane Ferguson

Jane W. Ferguson Artist’s Statement I love using color and line work in my art and you will see these dominant elements of design in most of my pieces.I hope to capture the energy and joy of a subject and not just the photo representation.I love experimenting with new colors and textures and breaking away [...]

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Janel Galvez

In 2013, Janel, along with her husband and two children, relocated to Santa Cruz, fulfilling a long time dream of living at the ocean.  The move was a major transition in many ways, prompting Janel to step away from her portrait photography business to pursue her fine art interests.  Hers has been a journey towards [...]

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Janelle Wolfe

 Janelle is primarily a painter but has dabbled in many mediums, such as drawing, ceramics, collage, and photography. She has an affinity for things circle, color and nature. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Art Education from Radford University. Much of her work is for sale and she is happily available for commissioned work. Please feel [...]

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Janet Allinger

Growing up in Detroit, I remember always doing something creative with clay (or Play-Doh), paint, pencils and crayons. I’d spend hours drawing cartoon’s of my dog Spike or practicing character styles referencing my “How to Draw” books. During Jr. and high school, I took all available art classes and was accepted into a commercial art [...]

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Janet Edwards

Welcome to JanetsArt! Check out my latest recycled clocks on

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Janice Serilla

I have been an artist all my life. I use to mainly draw with graphite pencils and color pencils. Back in my 20’s, I was always asked to draw my coworkers pets and children. Did quite a few over the years but then when I moved to Santa Cruz from the Detroit area in 09, [...]

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Jared Leake

Jared Leake – Artist Bio – 2016 Jared Leake is a high school art teacher and practicing artist in Santa Cruz, California.  He earned his BA as an arts education major at Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts.  Jared received his MED-Teacher of Visual Arts degree from Lesley University/Art Institute of Boston where his concentration was [...]

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Jay Topping

Jay Topping- Profile coming soon. 831.212.9513 Email:

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Jazmin Quill

An abstract expressionist who works with metal, wood, acrylic impasto, glue, wax, pigment, sand, and found objects, knowing that gravity will begin its work the moment the piece is done, taking its long turn in heavy silence. At the heart of every piece is the search for that tipping point – and stepping back – just before [...]

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Jeanine Lovett

‘Commended’ in the prestigious International BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012 competition. The photograph was chosen from more than 48,000 entries from 98 countries, and judged by a panel of industry recognized professionals.     Growing up in San Diego I would peer into tide-pools, looking at creatures in their miniature worlds. My Father would take [...]

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Jeff Arnett

Jeff Arnett graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a BA in Art and later a BA in Creative Writing.  He has lived in Santa Cruz since 1968, and taught writing for twenty-six years at UCSC.  He works primarily in stone, bronze and wood and will be showing his work in Open Studios in the fall. [...]

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Jeff Stobbe

Jeff Stobbe         Biography Background Born 1946, Madison, Wisconsin Graduated 1969, San Jose State University, Bachelor of Arts, Painting Emphasis Exhibitions Exhibits regularly at the Santa Cruz Mountain Art Center, Ben Lomond, CA including: 2015, War & Peace 2012, The Nude 2012, Inspirations 2009, Habeas corpus 2007, Au-Natural 2006, Members Spring Exhibition [...]

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Jeffrey Doezie

Email me any questions.

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Jennifer Nicole

“Words, spoken or written do not come easily to me, especially when I’m supposed to be saying something about myself or my work. So people will just have to do without an artistic or literary self portrait- which is just as well. Anyone who wants to find out about me- as an artist, which is [...]

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Jim Bourne

A Santa Cruz County resident for over twenty years, Jim Bourne has been doing photography since high school and has been concentrating on it for over a decade. Favorite subjects include birds, the natural landscape, and musicians in concert. Recently he has been working on an urban black and white series, originally inspired by a [...]

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Jim Hair

Jim Hair attended UCSC from 1971 to 1974, and graduated with a BA in Photography as an Independent Major. After three and a half decades of wandering with his camera, he has returned to live in Santa Cruz.

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Jim Herbert

Jim grew up in Santa Cruz during the 60′s, amongst a large family of 10 children and a single mom.  Having no other choice but to be independent and self-sufficient, Jim started working at an early age, and eventually opened and operated his own auto collision repair business. During the decades of repairing vehicles, which [...]

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Jim Otis

“When I work, I use color to drawn the observer into my world. Everyone perceives an image differently,as their own eyes view it, and draw their own unique feelings and conclusions, as every other person on the planet has…no one sees the same thing!  My paintings want to lure those feelings and senses to explore beyond what their eyes tell [...]

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Jim Potterton

Jim Potterton is originally from New York, born in Brooklyn and raised on the South Shore of Long Island. As a boy he would wander for hours exploring the local woods and waterways. He reveled in the experience of adventure and discovery in the outdoors. Jim often entertained himself by drawing and doodling in his [...]

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Joao de Brito

João de Brito (1958 – ) Portuguese American  João de Brito was born on Azores Island of Portugal, he lived in New England and currently lives in Northern California, he has travelled extensively throughout California, the U.S., Canada, Central America, Asia, Pacific Islands and Europe to paint in oils en plein aire. From early age, [...]

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Joe Ravetz

My photography is all about beauty.   Light, color, motion, rhythm, form and all the myriad sensual elements that come together in a ballerinas’ stage performance, a figure models posing in carefully crafted light,  or a stylishly dressed woman making a fashion statement on the streets of San Francisco.  This is what I try to capture [...]

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John Babcock Every picture is a story, and every story is a song, and every song has a rhythm.  My work tries to encompass those thoughts.  I use paper of my own manufacture to create art works of cast, inlaid and collaged papers and special paper for unique prints.  On large flat surfaces my work evolves [...]

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John Cimperman

My mission is to spread Light, Love, and Inspiration through my writing and visual art. I have canvas paintings, prints, and vinyl stickers to sell, and am currently writing an illustrated fairy tale for children of all ages. I have been wandering this ancient planet for many years, and I’ve still much to see. But [...]

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John Corbeaux

My name is John I’m a 30 year old sign and mural artist born and raised in the south bay area.  I’ve been involved in the street art culture since the young age of 11 and started taking it serious in 1998.  My mural work spreads the west coast from Seattle to Los Angeles, one [...]

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John F. Hunter

Hello, My name is John Hunter. I set myself apart from other photographers by printing my unique shot`s on metallic photo paper! Metallic paper is as close to three dimensional as it gets. The paper makes the right photos” really stunning”, which is a quote from one of my photography teacher`s at Cabrillo. This paper [...]

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John Wells

About John Wells John Wells is a professional woodturner, carver, and furniture maker living in the small town of Boulder Creek, nestled among the redwoods, oaks, and madrones of a small valley in the Santa Cruz Mountains. He works in a studio shop on the same nine acres where he built his family’s house after [...]

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Johnny Amador

Appreciation of life is the focus of my work. I am a California native from a large Mexican-Irish family.  My Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) water color paintings allow me to explore the themes of my life:  Art, Food, Wine, Music, Family and Friends, and a enjoyment of the world around me. [...]

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Jose Alberto Gomez

I became fascinated with skulls during high school and it increased even further after taking human anatomy classes in college.  My fascination with the human body and Mexican heritage is what inspired me to truly focus my art toward Dia De Los Muertos skulls. I currently work as an Education Specialist for the Community Bridges [...]

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Joy Marquez

Learning to embrace her spirit as an ARTIST after previous careers in the Navy, government consulting, and pharmaceutical sales, Joy launched her business – JOYFULLY BLOOMING – in the summer of 2012. An INTROVERT in extrovert clothing, she’s questing to undo 30-something years of Type A conditioning. Joy’s favorite hobby is sleep, while PHOTOGRAPHY and [...]

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judith maxfield

Raised in Los Angeles, and painting in oil since childhood, I graduated from UCLA with a B.A School of Fine Arts.  In that urban setting, economic hardship, racial issues, polio and personal identity – all of it –  was the cultural mix that formed my experience.  My fear of art making took me sidestepping, first [...]

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Julia & Lance Photography & Design

We are Julia Held and Lance Miller, a husband and wife team from Santa Cruz, California. The majority of our work focuses on landscapes and wildlife. We have a passion for the natural world, and capturing its special moments brings happiness to us and to others. Photography has inspired us to see the world differently, [...]

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Julietta Sabharwal

Based in Santa Cruz and San Francisco, Julietta is a largely self-taught painter, though she continues to study art under various mentors for the past fifteen years. She started with oils then moved to acrylics and every now and then uses mixed media. Julietta was born and educated in Strasbourg, France after which she moved [...]

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Juliette Morris Williams

Juliette’s studio and home is in Boulder Creek, California.  She has been creating art since childhood, and studied in San Jose, California at the San Jose Museum of Art in the 1970s and 80s.  She was a dancer for many years as well, and studied at Alvin Ailey American Dance Center in New York City. [...]

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Karen Asherah

Karen Asherah is a fine artist specializing in animal and nature photography. Most of her images are from Felton and locations around the Central Coast of California. Karen is passionate about representing the unique character and personality of her subjects. Many of her images include horses at liberty.  Through her guardianship of a Paint horse, [...]

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Karen Robey

“With paper and pencil in hand, and the inspiration from the amazing flora and fauna of our natural world,  I am able to freely express myself  through my artwork.”  My passionate interest in nature and movement  come togerther each time I am creating a new drawing.  This series  entitled “Botanicalia” exempifies the melding of  those [...]

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Karen Toole

“the oral tradition supplies an ambiguous answer-sometimes even in the form of a riddle-to a common practical question. Truth as a certainty. Truth as an uncertainty” states John Berger in Keeping a Rendevous. Some of my paintings might be initially decribed as visual cliches. Familar objects, or symbols referenced in the pieces are universally recognized. [...]

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Kate DiPietro

Kate DiPietro 301-512-4787

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Katherine Weber

Hello!! My name is Katherine Weber and I’m a local artist here in beautiful Santa Cruz County. I work on natural wood, clay board, and paper with acrylics, spray paint, paint pens, and occasionally iridescent or gold mediums. Nature is a profound inspiration for me, with its simple and complex organisms, plants and creatures. Whether it’s [...]

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Kathryn Edwards

I truly enjoy photography.

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Katie Fitzgerald

Katie Fitzgerald has pursued art her entire life, including writing a rather bad novel at the precious age of 13. She discovered decorative art in her 30s and declared “That’s what I want to do!”  She left a stodgy Silicon Valley job and founded her business, A Fine Finish Studio, in 2007. Katie’s experience with [...]

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Kelsey Doyle

Born in the coastal redwood town of Santa Cruz, California, local documentary journalist, Kelsey Doyle, grew up with an innate sense of environmentalism and a love of wildlife. Doyle’s passion for documentary journalism stems from the need to get these issues seen and heard. Her documentary work has taken her from the top of Mount [...]

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Kirk McNeill

Kirk McNeillKirk McNeill is the artist-blacksmith of Freedom Forge, specializing in custom architectural metalwork. He has been smithing since 1981. He has served as a board member of the California Blacksmith Association. He has been a member of the CBA grant committee for 20 years. Kirk has also served as general chairman for two successful [...]

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Kristin Gustavson

    I have been studying art under the direction of my father for all my life in one way or another, but more seriously for the last ten years. Influenced by art all my life, I’ve always had the goal of becoming an accomplished artist.  Having this  goal so young has helped me to [...]

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Kyle Duncan

     Kyle Duncan is an artist from Santa Cruz, CA and he mainly does acrylic on canvas as well as skateboard decks. He enjoys painting animals because he likes trying to get the live expression of their face and body language and make them come to life. He also paints places, fantasy, and fiction. He [...]

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