Scott Mehner

Scott C. Mehner is — in a word — a writer.  With his roots snugly planted in the rich soil of romantic poetry, Scott has been able to branch out in different directions and work creatively with words in a wide variety of mediums. He got his start working as a ghostwriter in the music [...]

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Sean Kennedy

The art I give to you is a tangible depiction of a beautiful universal truth; that your mental power knows no boundaries. This art is a dedication to imagination. Each photo is an opportunity to explore your thoughts and witness your power of creation. As you journey through these images, I encourage you to let your subconscious creations become [...]

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Selena Zontos

Each of us has a divine power to manifest our dreams into reality and have the most authentic human experience possible. Each of us has been blessed with a unique gift that we are to share with one another, and play out our roles in this existance. we are all a part of the grand [...]

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September Wren

In winter 2011, photographer Meg Venter moved from San Diego to Boston. She found comfort in pictures of California, and spent hours remixing her photographs to create sun-soaked pieces for her stark loft. With the encouragement of many friends, she began selling prints of these bold images as the boutique line “September Wren.” Blissful and sometimes melancholic, September Wren designs [...]

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Serv Goyal

     There is something immensely satisfying about waiting behind a camera to witness the first sunrays peek over the horizon, or to see them graze the waves in just the magical hues I was hoping for.  I could sit and watch a glowing golden sunset or a soft pink sunrise glow for hours, but [...]

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Shahla Motamedi

I am a graduate of Philadelphia University with Bachelor in Textile Chemistry, and Certificate of Film and Television from DeAnza College Cupertino, I have been always involved photography, filmmakeing, and painting and jewlery making. I love horseback riding, traveling, screen writing, Scuba Diving, Welding Sculptures, and organizing travels. The subjects that interest me for paintings [...]

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Shannon Shay Morgan

Shannon “Shay” Morgan was trained in oil, acrylic, and drawing at a young age by a professional private tutor. She spent the majority of her life pursuing art only for personal enjoyment. In 2012, she began selling acrylic abstract floral pieces to private collectors. Currently, she is working on a series of black/white landscapes. Email: [...]

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Sharon King

 I create  silk screens and digital photographs. My work is largely autobiographical and often contains multiple images relating to personal stories. Most recently, I am showing work at the “In Dreams” invitational exhibit at the Santa Cruz County Bank, through April, 2013. 

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soosan mostowfipour

I am a new comer in Santa Cruz. Excited to join the artist community.

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Stacy Frank

Stacy Frank is local fine artist based on the Westside of Santa Cruz.  Since 1994 she has been enjoying the creativity of printmaking and works out of her home studio on a large Griffin etching press. Her usual subjects focus on natural histoy – plants, trees and landscapes. Lately she has exploring the colorful combinations [...]

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Stephanie Martin

Stephanie Martin is a California painter and printmaker.  Her current series of etchings feature botanical subjects sketched from life as well as native birds observed at local natural history museums.

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Stephanie Schriver

             STEPHANIE SCHRIVER, PAINTER AND SCULPTOR, IN GALLERY/STUDIO 122 at the TANNERY ARTS CENTER                                                             1050 River Street, Santa Cruz, CA  95060      Currently I’m creating large clay sculptures ranging from humorous figures to interpretive free forms.  I feature my painting collections and sculptures during First Friday [...]

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Steve Booth

Since moving to Santa Cruz, Ca. in 2001, I have had the opportunity to discover photography and videography.   Making short music music/nature videos for the musicians of “Eversound” along with filming and producing the award winning TV series “Perspectives”.  I am now focusing on still photography, although there is movement in all I see, [...]

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Stoney Miller

A Monterey Bay Native, inspired by nature. Focus of art is where the sea meets the land. Stability and the instability of the moment. With a back ground in tribal wave designs’. Now exploring textures and mix mediums,  A mix of  land features and large waves with water current and sky accents. Art  has been [...]

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Sue Baldwin

Sue Baldwin is a watercolor artist that enjoys painting anything that deals with the tropics. Painting tropical flowers is her passion. Having studied with her favorite artist, Kathleen Alexander, in both Pacifica and on Maui, Sue enjoys bringing tropical flowers to life.

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Susan Brown

Susan L. Brown has been an artist since her childhood, winning awards as a student in Ohio and in Chicago, at Northwestern University. Moving to CA in 1978, she continued studying drawing and painting at College of San Mateo, Kollage Community School for the Arts and San Jose State, as well as selected painting workshops [...]

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Susan Cartwright

I grew up in Southern California…studied art from an early age….love the great illustrators from childhood, Rackham, Neilson, Pyle, etc.  Working mostly in printmaking at this time.  Love reductive monoprinting and tradional copper plate etching.  Hand sculpting is another interest, with horses as the usual source  of inspiration.

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Susan Howe

A painter and a printmaker, I have been working at my Two Hat Studio located in Aptos, California for over 25 years. My printmaking employs any and all printmaking methods that can be printed on my etching press. These techniques include: etching, collagraphy, woodcut, linocut and monoprinting. My current painting includes acrylics and frescos.  

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Susan Paull

Susan is art educator and consultant with a long history in Santa Cruz. She was the art teacher at a private elementary middle school there for 15 of those years.  Susan earned a Master’s degree in Art Education at Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena.  Susan’s reverence and passion for the natural world is communicated through [...]

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Susan Vaughan

I was born in L.A. A few years later my family moved to San Diego, where I lived until age 7, at which time we moved to Hixson, Tennessee for 5 years. Then onto Colorado for a year and in 1972 we landed in Santa Cruz, where my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins lived and which [...]

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Susana Arias

Susana Arias 2523 A Mission St.   *  Santa Cruz, California    *   831.566-6607  *   Susana Arias was born in Panama City, Panama. She lives in Santa Cruz, California since 1978. One Person Exhibitions 2011 “Sculptures and Paintings – Galeria Habitante – Panama City, Panama 2007 “Nidos de Oropendula, Caballos y Otros Temas” – [...]

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Suzie Thomas

I have been making jewelry for over 20 years. I find beauty in tiny objects found in nature. Living in a redwood forest conjured a strong admiration for tiny twigs, lichen and moss and I loved how they resembled a forest scene on a micro scale. This began my jewelry design involving resin. When I [...]

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Suzy Norris

After a childhood full of adventure, humor and lots of love, Suzy was surprised when, in her late twenties, life touched her with a tenacious illness that has by now accompanied her for nearly 40 years. The illness (brought on by repeated exposure to toxic dyes, woodworking finishes and Lyme spirochetes), has tested, tempered, and [...]

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Sylas Jumper

Drawing for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been, for the most part, a self taught artist. My sketching here and there eventually evolved into other mediums including: acrylic paint pens, colored pencils, and, most recently, auto paint and airbrushing. My career as a firefighter has given me the flexibility to purse my [...]

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Sylvia Valentine

Sylvia Valentine, Award Winning Nature Photography Fan page: Personal page: Thank you Santa Cruz for voting me Best Photographer two years in a row 2011-2012 and runner up 2010! My photography is a reflection of what my heart connects with in the moment. My name Sylvia means “Maiden of the Woods” and [...]

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Talia Bernstein

I am a local portrait photographer. You can contact me at My website is:

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Tanya Yvette

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tanya Yvette commenced her artistic training in the realms of classical ballet and modern dance. She later studied fine art as a sculpture major at the oldest museum and school in the United States – The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Continuing, she earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from [...]

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Terry Walker

Walker creates collages via consignment, posters, and book-covers. Materials used: scissors/knives, photo fragments from recycled magazines, colored inks/paint, Yes Paste, on acid free watercolor paper or mat board. In addition to collage, Walker draws, and paints in watercolor, acrylic art, and oils. He has exhibited widely in Santa Cruz County for over a decade, appearing in many group and juried exhibitions, as well [...]

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the late Jay Collins

    The work of Jay Collins is some of the most iconic art of Santa Cruz and California of its time. All the images were created by hand, many as lithographs or silkscreens,  before computers were utilized for such tasks. When this is taken into consideration, one can appreciate the skill and precision required to complete [...]

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Todd Hallenbeck

Todd Hallenbeck is a marine scientist living in the SF Bay Area. His work is inspired by the creatures and colors of the Pacific Ocean and styled with the sharp contrasts of stencil based graffiti art. 

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Tom Jacobs

One of the joys of creating fine art photography is that it forces me to be “in the moment.” All other distractions fade away as I focus on interpreting the compelling scene before me. Understanding lighting, composition and photographic technology are important, but they are secondary to the art of seeing. My photographs offer rich [...]

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Tracy Oliver

Beyond our everyday perception, my art hints at elements that surround us on levels beyond our normal awareness. On a micro level, we share an atmospheric sea with dust made of stars and skin and scales, all made iridescent by water molecules and light. On a macro level, to paraphrase the poet, Jean Tooner, we [...]

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Travis Luckhurst

I am a self taught artist from San Diego, California. Drawing, painting, and art projects of all sorts have always been my primary passion in life. Graffiti, comic book, and tattoo art are the art styles I dig the most. But I enjoy all other styles of art and consider myself a versatile artist; adapting [...]

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Trey Roberts

Hi! My name is Trey Roberts and I am a photographer who recently moved to Aptos, CA. I grew up in Western New York where I began my passion for photography and adventure.  I am currently working on a project revolving around Pleasure Point. There are so many sights and sounds and things happening that [...]

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Ursula OFarrell

URSULA O’FARRELL EDUCATION M.A., Painting and Drawing, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA 1989 Eugene Escalier Foreign Study Scholarship, German/Austrian Expressionism 1985 Gonzaga University-in-Florence, Jr.-Year Abroad Program, Florence, Italy 1982-83 B.A., Painting, cum laude, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA 1984   2012 SELECTED EXHIBITIONS Emotion: In Motion, Leeds Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA (solo) [...]

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Virginia Draper

I am drawn to do something new with traditional kinds of photography–landscapes, seascapes & still lifes. And I enjoy exploring both realistic and abstract images. For the Natural Bridges State Beach diptychs (8 in the series) I combine two kinds of photography: a landscape of the park and a still life of an object I [...]

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Vivian Arnold

While living in Australia I became a student of Aboriginal Art and folklore.  Central to Aboriginal belief is the Tjukurrpa, or ‘Dreamtime’; a spiritual time long ago when ancestral human, animal, plant, and insect forms engaged in epic struggles to create the landscape. As an artist, I am heavily influenced by the Aboriginal artists’ deep [...]

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Vivienne Orgel

Vivienne Orgel is a Santa Cruz artist who has lived in the area for more than 35 years. She loves capturing nature’s beauty (and some rusty metal and urban funk too) via photography as she roves the Central Coast enjoying its riches – oaks, tafoni, wildflowers, sexy eucalypts, fertile fungi, ladybirds and banana slugs! Most [...]

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Wendy Ballen

I love to twist wire and make connections. Tying  together body parts, paws, wings, and hearts challenges and excites me.  Using wire as a medium to express both internal core and external form feels natural and has the ability to be both fluid and strong.  Through my art I weave together the primary passions of [...]

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Whitney Kitty

Whitney Kitty is a California based artist currently living in Santa Cruz. Themes within her work include ideas of identity, relationships, personal spaces, and line work.  Some of Whitney’s recent projects include a collection of illustrations about self care, and a series of mini succulent sculptures in effort to raise money for Planned Parenthood.  She [...]

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Whitney Mitchell Wirtz

My recent abstract series focuses on our natural local surroundings, the power and beauty of the ocean, and the ethereal & atmoshpheric properties of the coast. Of my painting process, it sometimes starts with a plan but frequently it’s just a feeling. The art has a direction and a life of its own on the canvas. It’s like an adventure [...]

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William E. Ferre

William E. Ferre is a local artist with a gift for realism. Painting mostly in oils with the occasional watercolor he has a remarkable innate ability to capture details and reflections in his art.  Born in Southern California in 1949, William started sketching what he saw very early in his life.  At 18, he moved [...]

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yonat michaelov

I was Borth in Israel 1958 ,grew up in a Kibbutz in the north. After long time  traveling around the world, settled in the Bay area at 1984, Moving to santa Cruz 1990.I love just about every textile art there is, have been Spinning,  weaving and dyeing for the last 20  years, My new love [...]

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Zachary Rich

“Let your imagination thrive, your heart pound, and your passions take over. Experience the unseen and enjoy the small pleasures.” -Myself Art has always been a large factor of my life. It flourished during high school when I was introduced to film. The film program was new and needed students to test it out, but [...]

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Zannah Noe

BIOGRAPHY Zannah Noe is fine artist working in mix media. As a formally trained photographer and painter she is using these mediums to retranslate her images from photos to silkscreens to paintings to 3d objects. She is originally from Concord Massachusetts and resides in Brooklyn, NY  with a space in San francisco. She studied photography [...]

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