Beloved Bolton

Beloved Bolton lives and works in Santa Cruz CA. My website is I do paintings, drawings, album art, portraits and some computer art. My primary medium is oil paint on wood, but have been experimenting more with incorporating paper. I am available for commisioned work. Please view my website for more of my work [...]

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Cheree Bailey

I like to explore ideas that are enigmas. My work is more of a question than an answer. I really enjoy working with different mediums such as oil paints, linocuts, drawing materials, and pen and ink. Some of the themes I incorporate involve juxtapositions of life and death, vulnerability and ferocity, the tame and the [...]

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Ashley Yeo

Ashley Yeo (유진), born and raised in South Korea, studied Art History in UC Berkeley with East Asian Art emphasis. Most of her works are influenced by motifs from Korean folklore, and East Asian art practice. She enjoys drawing her signature “fat babies” with whimsical smile. Ashley continues to spread her creativity as an artist [...]

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Ariel Perez

I’m a long-time resident of Santa Cruz county, and I’ve been involved in many different projects in the community, from teaching to serving the least among us. Now I want to offer my art to a community that has a reach culture and is passionate about art. My drawings and paintings are meant to reach out [...]

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Lauren Ringelman

Lauren Ringelman’s work is inspired by her love of the natural world, and by the random, ridiculous, and beautiful moments of everyday life. She is detail-oriented, easily amused, and works most often in pen and ink, and mixed media with recycled elements. To find out more, visit her website, or follow her on Instagram or [...]

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Susan Brown

Susan L. Brown has been an artist since her childhood, winning awards as a student in Ohio and in Chicago, at Northwestern University. Moving to CA in 1978, she continued studying drawing and painting at College of San Mateo, Kollage Community School for the Arts and San Jose State, as well as selected painting workshops [...]

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Karuna Gutowski

Karuna Gutowski is an abstract artist using primarily water based acrylic paints and mixed media with a focus on spontaneous, unplanned gesture and evocatve expression. Her intuitive process of curiosity, and experimentation, continually calls for an element of not knowing, physical engagement and risk, to bring something fresh and alive onto the surface. She has [...]

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Joan Raspo

I am a California-based multimedia artist who is obsessed by illusion. I strive to “trick” the viewer’s eye to see reality through the lens of magic. I believe art is an opportunity for discourse and engagement—I want you to talk about my work and talk to it. My multi-faceted art practice is crafted to build [...]

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Diana Walsworth

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Diana Viacheslavovna Walsworth’s inspiration for her artwork comes from her love of the wild outdoors, where she frequently has unique encounters with animals. She has been chased by sea lions, circled by a great white shark, gobbled with turkeys, and strolled in the forest next to a rattlesnake. Diana seeks to share [...]

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Nanda Currant

I am a fine artist and have a background in art, therapy, and education. I have combined some of those skills as a documentary filmmaker and graduated from the Santa Fe Documentary Film Program in Santa Fe, NM and worked with Lightningwood Pictures in both editing,cinematographer and resource development. In Santa Cruz I was an [...]

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