Anastasia Torres-Gil

I use acrylics to create portraits of people and animals.  Many of my animal subjects are discovered at local shelters and the vibrancy of their personalities can’t be contained using traditional colors and methods.  These hearts are big and bold and beautiful. My work has been exhibited in New York City as well as in [...]

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Michele Hausman

“I am inspired by the natural world. My small paintings are created in plein air, in the open air, where all my senses are engaged in an effort to capture the mood of the light on my canvas. Mixing color and watching a painting develop gives me great joy. My paintings are windows onto the [...]

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Lisa Hochstein

A collection of sheet music covers from the early-to-mid-1900’s has been the source material for my collage work since 2009. The colors and typography of an earlier era draw me to this material, as does the pleasure of rummaging through other peoples’ castoffs at flea markets, yard sales, and thrift stores. My use of vintage [...]

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Erica Cassidy

Erica Cassidy is a California native new to the Santa Cruz Community.  She has been a ‘maker’ as long as she can remember. It wasn’t until she was choosing a major for college that she realized she was an artist. Her career as an artist began after graduation when the work began to sell. “If I [...]

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Rain Jordan

I hold a B.A. and an M.F.A. from San Jose State University; I reside and work in Rio Del Mar.  I paint in textural Geometric Abstract Impressionism–a style I created–with acrylics as my main medium.  I also work in mixed media abstracts and scapes. My works are held in private collections in California, New York, [...]

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Donna Bourne

I have been painting in the Santa Cruz area since 1982 and paint primarily in oil. I studied graphic design and painting at UCSC and Cabrillo. I love to photograph and use my photographs as ideas for my paintings. My interpretive landscapes work to capture the light and movement of nature to create the illusion [...]

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Chris Miroyan

I was raised in the Carolinas and deeply influenced by folk art, textiles, and Southern Gothic literature. I work in series and my paintings are narratives, filled with metaphor and allegory, drawn from observing the collective experience of “life on Earth”. 

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Stephanie Martin

Stephanie Martin is a California painter and printmaker.  Her current series of etchings feature botanical subjects sketched from life as well as native birds observed at local natural history museums.

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Beth Shields

Beth Shields Studio: Tannery Creative Arts Center, 1050 River St. #125, Santa Cruz, CA 95062 CA Email:   Resume   Education: 1976  UCLA  Bachelor of Arts in Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Arts   Selected Collections: Corporate: IBM, TRW, Hughes Aircraft, Visa USA, American Savings, Fidelity Savings, Metropolitan Life, Coldwell Banker, The Sutro Corp., Sitmar [...]

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Isabell Fearnsby

Isabell K. Fearnsby, Oil Painter

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