Tom Jacobs

One of the joys of creating fine art photography is that it forces me to be “in the moment.” All other distractions fade away as I focus on interpreting the compelling scene before me. Understanding lighting, composition and photographic technology are important, but they are secondary to the art of seeing. My photographs offer rich [...]

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Conner Quinto

Conner James Quinto is a Photographer from Santa Cruz, California. He studied photography at Cabrillo College and UCSC where he started out in the darkroom developing pictures the old-fashioned way, before transferring that knowledge into the digital realm. Conner specializes in Landscape and Macro photography, working in the real and the abstract. Conner earned a degree [...]

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Dan Tracy

  My professional life was spent caring for and educating teenagers. I have been a minister, supervised a dormitory in a Boarding School and been a High School teacher and administrator, but it was a trip to the swimming pool with a 4 year old that changed my life. As he climbed up the diving [...]

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Jim Bourne

A Santa Cruz County resident for over twenty years, Jim Bourne has been doing photography since high school and has been concentrating on it for over a decade. Favorite subjects include birds, the natural landscape, and musicians in concert. Recently he has been working on an urban black and white series, originally inspired by a [...]

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Sylvia Valentine

Sylvia Valentine, Award Winning Nature Photography Fan page: Personal page: Thank you Santa Cruz for voting me Best Photographer two years in a row 2011-2012 and runner up 2010! My photography is a reflection of what my heart connects with in the moment. My name Sylvia means “Maiden of the Woods” and [...]

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Diane Rejman

(photo at left:  Sunrise on the Santa Cruz Wharf (181)                  “HOMAGE TO SANTA CRUZ AND THE MONTEREY BAY” RECENT NEWS I am sad/happy to report I have moved to Phoenix, AZ.  Decades ago, I lived in Mesa, east of Phoenix.  In a way, I returned “home.”  I [...]

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