Travis Luckhurst

I am a self taught artist from San Diego, California. Drawing, painting, and art projects of all sorts have always been my primary passion in life. Graffiti, comic book, and tattoo art are the art styles I dig the most. But I enjoy all other styles of art and consider myself a versatile artist; adapting [...]

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Ed & Ash

Who We Are:With over 12 years of design experience, we are a husband and wife team who aim to make beutiful and well designed lettpress art prints, greeting cards and custom designs as well as educating others with our hands on workshops. About the Press:Its a Golding Pearl no 11, Built in 1902 and 730 [...]

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Susan Howe

A painter and a printmaker, I have been working at my Two Hat Studio located in Aptos, California for over 25 years. My printmaking employs any and all printmaking methods that can be printed on my etching press. These techniques include: etching, collagraphy, woodcut, linocut and monoprinting. My current painting includes acrylics and frescos.  

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Jeffrey Doezie

Email me any questions.

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Emily Meehan

Born 1991 Emily Meehan was raised in Napa, California and has been a student of art since early childhood. With parents who are both artistically and musically inclined, Emily was encouraged at a young age to start making work and honing her skills in the painting and drawing arena since a young age. Though she [...]

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Zannah Noe

BIOGRAPHY Zannah Noe is fine artist working in mix media. As a formally trained photographer and painter she is using these mediums to retranslate her images from photos to silkscreens to paintings to 3d objects. She is originally from Concord Massachusetts and resides in Brooklyn, NY  with a space in San francisco. She studied photography [...]

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Sharon King

 I create  silk screens and digital photographs. My work is largely autobiographical and often contains multiple images relating to personal stories. Most recently, I am showing work at the “In Dreams” invitational exhibit at the Santa Cruz County Bank, through April, 2013. 

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John Corbeaux

My name is John I’m a 30 year old sign and mural artist born and raised in the south bay area.  I’ve been involved in the street art culture since the young age of 11 and started taking it serious in 1998.  My mural work spreads the west coast from Seattle to Los Angeles, one [...]

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Aaron Johnson

My oil paintings and woodcut prints visually explore the natural world and our human relationships within it.  In my tree series, gestures of California trees draw my eye to their underlying structure and geometry of form.  Some paintings incorporate borders, giving each tree a space of its own, and acknowledging that the tree image is [...]

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Laura Oneto

My name is Laura Jane Oneto, I am from Santa Cruz, California.  Throughout all my education I have lived next to the ocean, which has expanded my curiosity for all the creatures living in it, and the interesting things that come out of it. I studied all sorts of different art mediums/Visual Public Art at CSU Monterey Bay and [...]

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