Jacquie Walton – JW Art Pottery

Like many artists, I was first exposed to art in elementary school. One of my earliest memories is of learning to use the coil method to make a bowl and burnish the clay with a smooth stone. The only thing I have ever wanted to be is an artist. I have been attracted to the art [...]

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Paul Vernier

When I first wrote my artist statement, I wasn’t really happy with it. Then I finally got honest about why I work in clay. I think that the thing that most attracted me to clay was the challenges that the work presents. Technical challenges. I loved working on the wheel. There is an amazing amount [...]

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Wendy Ballen

I love to twist wire and make connections. Tying  together body parts, paws, wings, and hearts challenges and excites me.  Using wire as a medium to express both internal core and external form feels natural and has the ability to be both fluid and strong.  Through my art I weave together the primary passions of [...]

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