Mardeen Gordon

I am 52 years old, living in Ben Lomond for the past 22 years, and I have always been a creator of things that make you go “Wow!” I have been a commercial sign maker since 1983, but I have been making art long before that. My mom taught me to embroider when I was [...]

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HaVen Art Studio

“Releasing More Creativity Into Our Community” is our motto and how we share art with others. Haven Art Studio began in California, 2005 and we now travel the world creating new art. We started this dream with our large family of artists. With four sisters and two brothers, our family chose to pursue art. Eight [...]

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Cristina Sayers

Growing up living life by the shore of this Technicolor town should came with a funky soundtrack, subtitles, and patchouli scented incense. My work is a love letter to my home town full of home town pride, sentiment, and freedom. -Cristina Sayers Background: Cristina- A Santa Cruz native who is also a humble self taught, [...]

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Heather Richman

For as long as I can remember, I have expressed myself through artwork.  After many years of experimenting with various media, I have discovered that glass, as an artistic medium, best expresses my personal vision at this time.  I love the qualities of glass.  Hard, sharp glass is cut, ground and fired to become smooth and [...]

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Laura Oneto

My name is Laura Jane Oneto, I am from Santa Cruz, California.  Throughout all my education I have lived next to the ocean, which has expanded my curiosity for all the creatures living in it, and the interesting things that come out of it. I studied all sorts of different art mediums/Visual Public Art at CSU Monterey Bay and [...]

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Marge Hansen

Bisogno Tutti ‘Bisogno’ is Italian for ‘I need’ or ‘to want for something’ and ‘Tutti’ means ‘everything’. This phrase truly describes my passion for designing and creating unique, beautiful and functional things.  For more than 30 years, I have needed to sew…everything!  All types of fashion and home decor fabrics, neoprene, Nomax for firefighters, and, especially, leather have been [...]

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Ann Baldwin May

  Ann Baldwin May,Quilt Artist  Artist’s Statement      Fabric has been a major part of my life for a long time. The path from making and designing clothes, to the fabrication of quilts and on to art quilts seems the most natural progression for me. Art quilts free me to choose a wide array of colors, [...]

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Anastasia Torres-Gil

I use acrylics to create portraits of people and animals.  Many of my animal subjects are discovered at local shelters and the vibrancy of their personalities can’t be contained using traditional colors and methods.  These hearts are big and bold and beautiful. My work has been exhibited in New York City as well as in [...]

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Erica Cassidy

Erica Cassidy is a California native new to the Santa Cruz Community.  She has been a ‘maker’ as long as she can remember. It wasn’t until she was choosing a major for college that she realized she was an artist. Her career as an artist began after graduation when the work began to sell. “If I [...]

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Alexandra Sanders

I love birds; I love water; I love art. I feel privileged to have found a way to combine these three elements and create images of the birds I so enjoy. I have painted with watercolors since childhood and am continually intrigued by its translucent and layered qualities. While I can be very controlled with [...]

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