Cheree Bailey

I like to explore ideas that are enigmas. My work is more of a question than an answer. I really enjoy working with different mediums such as oil paints, linocuts, drawing materials, and pen and ink. Some of the themes I incorporate involve juxtapositions of life and death, vulnerability and ferocity, the tame and the wild. Often the subjects in my art include nature, animals and humans, skulls and other symbols of death. I like to explore ideas about suffering, death, and transcendence. I believe that suffering can be a spiritual endeavor that reveals the contents of our soul and humanity. I am inspired by all aspects of the human condition and like to incorporate that into my art. I spend my days working, going back to school, and being a mom. My favorite thing to do is to spend the day painting or taking my son on adventures. 

Drawing, Mixed Media, Mosaic, Painting, Print-Making