Chris Johnson Glass

Chris Johnson produces intensely colored one-of-a-kind art glass. His unique, expressive style is a result of his continuing exploration of technique that pushes the boundaries of the medium, resulting in highly original pieces. He has studied with numerous Italian and American glass masters, and has shared his passion for glass blowing as an instructor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California College of the Arts, San Francisco State University, and at his own studio in Santa Cruz, California.

“I believe that color speaks to us on a very direct level, and has the ability to awaken and energize our awareness.” Chris has worked with color through a veriety of disciplines, including digital media, film and graphic design.”There is no other medium that places color in such relationship to light, and it is through light that we percieve color.”

Chris’ focus is on continuing to explore the glass medium,  developing new styles and techniques and expanding his work with color.


Stochastic Glass

Stochastic glass is the term developed by Chris to describe his  engagement with chance operations in the creation of glass.   From the Greek word for “random,” stochastic is a term most commonly used in mathematical probability theory, suggesting the deliberate incorporation of a random element into a set of known variables. The creation of art glass using Stochastic techniques depends upon the ability of the artist to respond to the combination of both unpredictable and known behaviors when molten glass is exposed to intense manipulation such as stretching, reheating, layering, cracking, and crimping.

Glass, Mixed Media, Sculpture