Cole Franklin

my father was a 5th generation Californian and my mother immigrated to the US circa 1952.  I studied Applied Physics at University California Irvine with an emphasis in Plasma Physics and Electrical Engineering and a bunch of other science stuff. Currently, Principal Scientist at a large bay area firm.  Before the age of 16 I had been on MTV, in a movie, had a TV show, taught dance and dabbled in music, clothing and art.  When I was 18 years old I chose to get with the program and decided to push myself to be a scientist.  Then by 22 years old I had built a 1GWatt Fusion Tritium generator, squaring power, and other crazy stuff.  Then through the years I became more and more interested in various meditation practices and felt there was something there.  Eastern practices of meditation are very foreign to us but through that I learned to explore.  Explore the universe as a futurist might, or a Buddhist might, or maybe in the way Tesla might.  I feel I should share the visions with people in case it may awaken some passion that needs releasing.