Deborah Good

Deborah Good holds a BFA and participated in graduate studies in painting at San Francisco State University.

Her illustrations and paintings are informed by her studies in design, color, symbolism, art history, Zen Buddhism, perennial philosophy, and an abiding interest in the Mystery of LIfe.

The Tassajara Creek photograph series was created when Deborah was in residence at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, Camel Valley, CA,  for 18 months. Her interest in photographing moving water was sparked when she read about composer John Cage’s use of chance procedures to eliminate artistic preferences in his work. This subject matter also reflects one of the basic tenants of Zen Buddhism, the Law of Impermanence.

Deborah recently retired from a career as an art director to pursue her interest in painting, drawing and photography and Buddhist studies.

Drawing, Painting, Photography