Elise Ann Wormuth

I am a Central Coast photographer and digital artist.

I use a process called “texturing,” along with other methods, to manipulate photographs.  The image develops not with a click of a button in Photoshop but rather with a painstaking sequence of steps that results in a work that occupies a space in which it is neither a fake painting nor a faked photograph.  The process involves experimentation and, well, magic.

I am drawn to the natural world and love to photograph both flora and fauna.  I visit all the local flower society shows, wander the Elkhorn Slough area seeking egrets or the UC Arboretum looking for hummingbirds.  I hope that my work not only represents the beauty of my subjects but expresses my vision as well.

My photographs have been published in Bay Nature magazine; featured on the Elkhorn Slough “Best Shot of the Month” page and in the 2011 Elkhorn Slough calendar.  All three of my entries won blue ribbons at the 2010 Santa Cruz County Fair, and one picture was “Best in Show” in the Visible Manipulation category.  My photography has been featured in “Riding the Coast Road,” a well-received exhibition at San Francisco State University in 2008, and in a second show at SF State in the spring of 2011. I participated in Wisteria Garden’s “Art in the Garden” series in 2010 and was an Open Studios artist in 2012 and 2013.  My work was displayed at the Santa Cruz County Government Center in summer, 2013, and at the Santa Cruz Park and Recreation offices in the fall of 2013. 

Digital Art, Photography