Erica Cassidy

Erica Cassidy is a California native new to the Santa Cruz Community.  She has been a ‘maker’ as long as she can remember. It wasn’t until she was choosing a major for college that she realized she was an artist. Her career as an artist began after graduation when the work began to sell. “If I can make a living doing what I love, I’ve got to sieze that opportunity”. She has always been drawn to plants, studying them until they are engrained in the very fiber of her being. She notices they come back to life when she holds a paintbrush and paint up to a blank canvas. “I think to myself, what will come to life thru this expression? The whole process, along with the finished product is a surprise even to me. I consider myself a channel for the Divine, the Spirit of Creation Itself. It’s thrilling to be a vessel for such beautiful works.” Whether it’s making a collage, gardening, or preparing a meal, Erica fills her days with expressions of creativity. Erica apprentices for Joel Magen of Santa Cruz Pottery and also teaches private art lessons in the Santa Cruz area. 

Drawing, Fiber-Arts, Mixed Media, Mosaic, Mural, Other, Painting, Sculpture, Textile