Esperanza Richart

I grew up in a border town to Mexico.. Laredo, Texas. This was a place where if you didn’t speak english, all teachers were equipped to explain assignments to you in Spanish. I was about 7 years old and we had just moved to Laredo from Wyoming so it was a bit of a culture shock. My mom exposed me to the arts as a young girl. Being so close to Mexico, the arts were rich and plenty. She would take me to a variety of art shows ran by women. Somedays I would go to hear strong women speaking heavy words of poetry and other days I would be exposed to other awesomeness, like a woman carving a sculpture out of a log, using a chainsaw. I loved these outings with my mom. I truly feel they shaped me into the creative person I am today.

I have been creating collage since I was a child. I was always cutting up photos and strategically placing them to make a whole new image.  My parents should have known I was going to be the artist in the family when they made me take band.. and while all the other students were learning how to play, I was designing new collages for my instruments case, and costing my parents money when I would take apart my flute to paint the padding a variety of different colors.

I started creating my “FairyTales and Rebel Yells” back in 2007. I gave birth to my daughter in Fresno, California and because there was nothing different from bows to put on her very full head of hair (for a newborn). I started to make my own alternative..hand stitched felt clips. I used vintage images to decorate them, from there I started to collage images together to create unique pieces of jewelry. I finally taught myself how to digitally collage and the rest just came to me.

My art has been described as iklectic, strange, unique, retro, tells a story, fun to look, extremely creative, and I had one person actually say “Who is the person with this crazy mind?” 

You can find me selling my Art and Trinkets at a variety of craft fairs, some shops in the Central Valley and any other awesome venues that will have me.

Digital Art, Mixed Media