HaVen Art Studio

“Releasing More Creativity Into Our Community” is our motto and how we share art with others. Haven Art Studio began in California, 2005 and we now travel the world creating new art.

We started this dream with our large family of artists. With four sisters and two brothers, our family chose to pursue art. Eight people total we had a whole team and we looked at this business as a group effort. The different talents we all share helped to start a strong foundation for what is to come.

Greg and Victoria Randolph, father and mother of the bunch; encouraged and became the teachers of the artists who would start H.A.S. ( HaVen Art Studio) Evangela Randolph, third oldest; grew to be the manager of the business and a great team leader. Karese, Jonathan, Anna, Elizabeth and Timothy added their own creativity and technique to the H.A.S business. With each artist bringing a different style the business would thrive.

We continue to grow in our business learning new things every day. Haven Art Studio has a lot of passion to see a changed world, by kindness and giving we want to share love and life with our all brothers and sisters.


H.A.S offers many different types of Art.

Custom Art

Mural Design

Cartoon Ar t/ Book Art

Clothing Design

Logo Design

Handcrafted Jewelry

Posters / Flyers

CD Album Design

Live Performance Art

Conceptual Art, Drawing, Illustration, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Mosaic, Mural, Other, Painting, Printing, Textile