Hilgard Muller

My name is Hilgard, people that know me call me Hil. I am originally from South Africa but have lived in the States since I was 4, and in Santa Cruz since 1997. I come from a very creative family, including my dad who was an art director deep in the heart of Los Angeles. I spent countless hours, days and weeks on different movie and photoshoot sets. As a child I didn’t realize the impact that this type of exposure would have on my adult life. When I graduated high school I was torn between pursuing a design degree or a photography degree. I ended up chosing design, but was never able to put the camera down. Over the years I have been able to take advantage of my formal design training and incorporate it into my photography to create the unique style I have evolved into. I am known for my use of angles and lightng to create colorful, impactful images of people.  I have only recently decided to showcase my work more publicly, I have decided its time to share my passion with a broader audience. Thanks for taking the time to read my bio, I hope you enjoy the work I have to share.