Irene Reti

Irene Reti’s photography has been published in the New York Times, The Sun and exhibited at Open Studios, Santa Cruz, Black Box Gallery in Portland, the Colorado Environmental Film Festival, the Porter Sesnon Gallery at UC Santa Cruz, the Santa Cruz Art League, and many other venues. She is also an oral historian, publisher, and writer. She lives in Santa Cruz, California. Reti has published several photobooks including Starlight and Bristlecones: Meditations at the Jewish New Year (2013); Last Passover in Sárospatak (2014) Praying with a Camera: An Elemental Quartet (2015),  Crane Songs: A Story of Displacement (2016), and Sierra Nevada Refuge (2017).  She says about her photography: Light streams through the glass eye of my camera, translating poppies, fallen leaves, sleeping cats, the forms of the universe into a digital language that opens the aperture of my heart. I find spiritual power in the natural world.”