Jared Leake

Jared Leake

- Artist Bio – 2016

Jared Leake is a high school art teacher and practicing artist in Santa Cruz, California.  He earned his BA as an arts education major at Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts.  Jared received his MED-Teacher of Visual Arts degree from Lesley University/Art Institute of Boston where his concentration was high school visual arts.  Currently Jared teaches Art Theory, AP Studio Art, Graphic Design and Digital Photography at a small private high school in Northern California.

Jared’s work is a blend of his love of abstract painting, photography, graphic design and found materials. He uses as his photographs from the greater Santa Cruz county as a source of inspiration when working with a variety of mixed media techniques. Jared’s design work focuses on his photographs while incorporating bright colors and simple shapes in their creation. The designs are inspired by the beach and outdoor culture of the area. 

Jared also tends to work with a number of found materials including driftwood and fabrics. Here he uses a phototransfer technique to embed the image onto the surface of the object. His collages use multiple materials such as silk, printmaking on paper and found imagery and the result is a clean minimalist look that captures the essence of the object in the photograph.

Jared has shown work across the United States specifically in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois and California.

Jared Leake 2016



Digital Art, Mixed Media, Other, Photography