Joan Raspo

I am a California-based multimedia artist who is obsessed by illusion. I strive to “trick” the viewer’s eye to see reality through the lens of magic. I believe art is an opportunity for discourse and engagement—I want you to talk about my work and talk to it. My multi-faceted art practice is crafted to build drama and tension that invites interaction with you. The goal of my practice is to include the viewer—all my work tells a story that is only complete when you engage with it.

I work in a variety of cross-disciplinary practices including painting, design, digital media, sculpture and creative coding. My intention is to create work where art and science combine and are expressed artistically. Through visceral explorations of perception, sensation, and attention, I explore issues and questions around identity, form, ritual, and pop culture—come ride with me.

Conceptual Art, Digital Art, Film, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture