John F. Hunter


My name is John Hunter.

I set myself apart from other photographers by printing my unique shot`s on metallic photo paper! Metallic paper is as close to three dimensional as it gets. The paper makes the right photos” really stunning”, which is a quote from one of my photography teacher`s at Cabrillo. This paper makes colors and depth unsurpassed! If you have not seen metal paper, you are in for a visual treat. I have had people tell me that, they get goose bumps the first time they see my shot`s..

      I do not have fine art degree from a renowned art institute but, I have been shooting photos from a very early age, I actually won a photo contest in high school and have been shooting pics all over the country and many other countries as well since, in some very diverse situation`s to, say the least. I have a fine art photography degree from the school of living life to its fullest and Hard Knock`s, : ) I also study photography full time at Cabrillo College, where my teacher`s really inspired me to peruse photography. Through all the diversity, of the places I have been, and all of my life experiences, sweet and, painful, have given me an eye for capturing exceptional moments of grandeur, I feel truly blessed and, now that people are buying my Photo`s, I am extremely thankful, not to mention, super stoked! : )

       I was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I moved to Colorado when I was nineteen and, I became a snow cat operator at Keystone/ Arapaho Ski resort in Summit County, Colorado, in the Rocky Mountains, at about 10,000 feet. I drove state of the art snow cats, on the ski slopes, at night. I was part of an elite crew of operators that specialized in manicuring ski slopes to perfection. During the summer, I worked construction, on everything from high rise condo complexes, to some pretty incredible custom homes tucked away in the Rockies. After almost ten years, of living on the edge, not only at work, but skiing, all the while taking many pictures of the glorious Rockies.

        I loved playing volleyball, and always wanted to live in California, so I then moved to Santa Cruz, and, started playing hardcore volleyball and, surfing a little. Over the years, I fell in love with traveling. I am blessed to have been able to travel too many different countries, and experience much of the world`s beauty, while running my construction business in Santa Cruz. The more I traveled, the more photography grew on me. I no longer am no longer building due to physical complications and, the down turn in the economy which, is when I decided to charge full time on my photography… : )

           I have done photo display`s at the following, Stockton Bridge Grill, Capitola, Wine Thyme, Capitola, Serene Skin Care, Santa Cruz, Prima Vino, Santa Cruz Wharf, and the Live Oak Library and, I just started my business this year!

            Also, I am doing really well at Art and Wine venues! I did the Church Street Fair, I did Los Gatos Art and Wine and am really excited to be Mountain View Art and Wine Sept. 7 and 8th! People are loving my photo`s! I am so thankful that I found an occupation that, I love.. : )

I am truly passionate about photography, it is in my blood, I really hope that you can really see my passion for capturing beauty, through my shoot`s.. Thanks for checking out my shot`s.

 If you have a nice venue that I could perhaps display, I would love to hear from you.. : )



 John F. Hunter

“Its not the year`s in your life, it`s the life in your year`s” Abe Lincoln


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