Fabled Images

Fabled Images presents “No Acid Required”, a Photo Art series reflecting nature’s beauty in and around Santa Cruz. Fabled Images are fluid, aqueous reflections, often abstract and sometimes dreamy scenes brought to you by Johnny Fabulous. Known by many as a “bourbon-esque” crooner, to others he is a curious oracle of jazz, soul and the blues. A pianist and songwriter since childhood, Johnny has arranged and produced numerous CD’s of original music and interpretations of the Great American Songbook. In 2013 Johnny hosted “In the Pocket with Johnny Fabulous” on SCTV, a Santa Cruz television show featuring regional music and art. Johnny Fabulous also is a performing artist providing music and laughter for senior communities, rest homes and memory care facilities throughout the Bay area. Fabled Images is the latest offering from one of Santa Cruz’s most enduring artists. 

Digital Art, Photography