Katie Fitzgerald

Katie Fitzgerald has pursued art her entire life, including writing a rather bad novel at the precious age of 13. She discovered decorative art in her 30s and declared “That’s what I want to do!”  She left a stodgy Silicon Valley job and founded her business, A Fine Finish Studio, in 2007.

Katie’s experience with decorative finishes includes working with plasters. She moved from covering walls in plaster to creating fine art pieces, which is a uniquely “Katie” combination of talent and medium. The majority of what you see in Katie’s art are processes she either invented or heavily adapted.

Katie trowels different types of plaster onto canvas or mason board in layers to achieve the appearance and tactility of rock. She uses paints, glazes, powder pigments and other materials to fashion different elements. Techniques from other artistic disciplines, such as bas-relief and trompe l’oeil painting, are also employed to enhance dimensionality. Images in the plaster, such as the petroglyphs and fossils, are created with hand-made forms. Katie adds other elements, such as the fish-hook and metal necklace, to complete the tableau.

But where do her ideas come from? Katie’s inspiration comes from many places, including classes and other artists. She likes to throw everything into her idea hopper, mix it up, and see what comes out. Katie draws on her other passions: archaeology, history, science in general, writing, and even cartoonist Gary Larson. “I love the idea of telling a story or thought in one image.” In addition to creating beautiful art, Katie’s goal is to make you smile, take a closer look at the piece, or provoke a thought or emotion.

To see more of Katie’s work, visit her website: afinefinish.com

You can also arrange for a viewing at her studio by appointment.

Mixed Media, Mural, Other, Painting