katie vigil

Hello Artisticas and Artisticos!

My name is Katie Vigil aka Mumu Goddess creator aka algae geek aka collage enthusiast. “The mumu goddess is a voice for the feminine who are floating in comfort through lifes obstacles.” That being said, my art is ultra feminine with sprinkles of male confetti here and there.  I work with various art mediums (mixed at times), such as watercolor, collage, pen, acrylic and epoxy.  I have a lot of collage portraits spanning from 8×10 to 30×40 with epoxy finish.  I have mixed media collage artwork with watercolor, magazine and pen.  The Mumu Goddess series is acrylic, but recently has morphed into an illustration for a Syrian Refugee zine which is a story about a Syrian family traveling from Syria to Germany.  I am interested in constructing clay Mumu Goddess sculptures in the future.

I am a microbiologist by training and take various microscope pictures of organisms. The shapes of  organisms under the microscope heavily influence the shapes in my artwork. My art  has vibrant primary and secondary color schemes with abstract shapes and texture.

You can find my artwork on Instagram and Big Cartel:





Katie Vigil

Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography