Kyle Duncan

     Kyle Duncan is an artist from Santa Cruz, CA and he mainly does acrylic on canvas as well as skateboard decks. He enjoys painting animals because he likes trying to get the live expression of their face and body language and make them come to life. He also paints places, fantasy, and fiction. He has been to Oregon, Hawaii, Florida, Washington, and Colorado as well as all over California and likes to do places he’s been or would like to go. He took several art/painting classes at Soquel High and graduated in 2006. He also took several art classes at Cabrillo College. He has been doing art his whole life, especially drawing and painting.

          Kyle has had artshows in coffeeshops around Santa Cruz such as Cafe Pergolesi and Mr. Toots Coffeehouse to help promote his work. He believes art is very important because it brings out creativity.