Laura Oneto

My name is Laura Jane Oneto, I am from Santa Cruz, California.  Throughout all my education I have lived next to the ocean, which has expanded my curiosity for all the creatures living in it, and the interesting things that come out of it. I studied all sorts of different art mediums/Visual Public Art at CSU Monterey Bay and at Cuesta College, though I owe most of my inspiration and spark from my younger years of education. I enjoy photography, mixed media, ceramics, and sculpture. My thought process is this: when I open magazines or take photos I am searching for the images that spark inspiration and curiosity. I tear these images out and keep scrap books of them, and when I do a project I pull several out and try to combine all of them into one. My work is experimental with one general goal which is: try to use as many references to create the piece. My work includes found materials to organic materials with spray paint and paper components.

Recent Works and Projects:

Group Exhibitions

“The Roots” (2012)

“Embodiment” (2009), (2010)


Balfour Britzmen Gallery 

“Curb your Consumerism” (2011)

 ”Sincerely 2012″ (2012)


Sculpture Awards

“National Energy Conservation Competition” (2012)

Ceramics, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Mural, Painting, Photography, Print-Making, Sculpture, Textile