Leah Rose King

“Inspired by reality, born from the mind”

Originally from the Santa Cruz mountains Leah Rose King is now local to Soquel,California. She has been employed as an commercial artist or photographer since 1999. Self taught through observation and experimentation she has continued to grow and progress her skill during her day jobs and contracted work as well as on her own. After trying out many facets of the art world she found herself most inspired to create sudo surreal landscape, botanical and animal paintings in acrylic mediums. Her pieces have a vivid color palette and a pleasant flow. 

Leah has a current & large body of work with pieses ranging from 6×8″ to 48″ long she is looking for local venues to show and sell her work. She is also available for commision work including murals, paintings, and signs.

Original art is available on her web site www.roseanddesignsart.com and ETSY and prints created in house can be found on https://www.etsy.com/shop/LeahRoseKingArt Framed prints of Leah’s work is also available at imagekind.com.

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Drawing, Illustration, Mixed Media, Mural, Other, Painting