Leigh Erickson

As color theory has particularly been an interest of mine, my choice of color is inventive yet responsive. Mainly used to highlight the of subject of my work, I view color as a way for me to celebrate the Earths’ natural palette. You will often find I choose to highlight treasures among every day life that may often go unappreciated. Born and raised in Vermont, and now living in Santa Cruz, CA I am constantly inspired the contrast and similarities of values, culture and landscape around me. Simply creating is the way I use my art to maintain an optimistic perspective through the lens of the ludacris world we live in. My thoughts are constantly provoked by the relationship of man’s technologic development against our organic surroundings. My style is constantly transforming and as I enjoy using materials such as acrylics, watercolor, and ink, I am always experimenting with new mediums including photography to help further my outlet of expression. Whatever the outcome, it is the process of developing the finished product where I feel the most alive. Taking my inspiration and creating it into something I hope others can find inspiration from is when I believe I have really ‘made it.’ Cheers. -LE

Drawing, Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Printing