Leon Canerot

My interest in photography goes back to my early 20′s while on a foreign exchange program working in Paris, visiting relatives in the south of France, and traveling throughout much of Europe. Taking pictures along my journey was a natural and rewarding way for me to chronicle my experience.  It gave me a certain wanderlust for travel that has taken me to many other parts of the world with an ongoing appreciation and fascination with new places, people, and cultures.  

Yet, one doesn’t need to travel far in order to produce images that are out of the ordinary. A wonderful aspect of photography is that the opportunity to create something special can be as close as one’s own backyard.  Consequently, my images cover a variety of subjects including: landscapes, people, animal life, architecture, and macro photography.  For me, the constant challenge is creating images that capture a moment in time; whether that be a photograph that stimulates one’s imagination, provokes an emotional response, or is just pleasing to the eye.