Linda Cover

Linda has been involved in the documentary arts for many years.  As a child photographer she documented her back yard and its treasures as only a child’s eye would see. She was always intrigued by the shards and remnants of the natural world that was left around her: weeds along the rail road tracks and vacant lots, spiders making their webs in the spaces between trash, bricks and branches and as an adult, Linda would document the people around her, the neighborhoods, environments and political events. When her medium became video, one of her political videos was the first to be used in a court of law as evidence. Linda’s documentary “Community Window” was one of the first videos to win acclaim at S.F. Film Festival. She was and is a champion for healthy forests, water, and watersheds.  Living in the middle of the Redwoods for 30 years allowed her to learn about and photograph the rich forest culture

 Inspired by the need for our communities to truly value and understand our own  watersheds ,   Linda became a SPECTRA artist teaching “Watershed Art” in the schools throughout the county and in her own studio at the Tannery Arts Center. She has received the Artspace Award for Education and was honored as the River of Words Teacher of the Year.. All of the prints are her own photographs printed using Orang Oil as a transfer medium. Some images have been enhanced using pastels, charcoal, glitter and encaustic wax.

“For me, these mediums of wax and transfers, glitter and chalk dust, even the charcoal from burned out redwood trees, render mere photographs into forest and water portals, so much closer to how these beautiful entities, these forest beings, actually live their lives, and how I feel when I walk among them. “

Mixed Media, Photography, Print-Making