Linda Levy

Inspired by local landscapes and life drawings, most of my current work is painted using a computer program Painter © Corel, as my artist’s media / tool to produce final, one-of-a-kind archival fine art images.

All my pieces are originals: imagery is drawn on the computer.  I typically use drawings created from life drawing / plein air sessions, and “play” (explore the possibilities) with the basic simple image until I find a personal satisfaction with the final work.  My landscapes were inspired by viewing the Monet exhibit in San Francisco.  A close up look at his canvases detailed a lot of texture and color.  In May – June of 2006, I took a “challenge” to do a painting a day. I did this in the hopes that it would push me to use more movement, color, develop a new approach to my painting.

I treat each printed creation as a one-of-a-kind original.   Selected images are printed on 100% acid-free rag paper or other archival papers and stored / framed in an archival tradition.

Using clay to create figurative sculptures, both large and small, based on life drawing sessions.  I also create functional ware.  My ceramic creations are all fired in the Cone 6 to 10 temperature range, and are food safe.

Ceramics, Digital Art, Drawing, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Painting