M.E. “Mike” Bailey

Mike attended Mission Hill Jr. High and Santa Cruz High School.  He is a graduate of San Jose State in Engineering and Business.  He pursued a marketing career with a number of different technology companies across the country.   Mike began painting in 1988 as a “kitchen table hobby” to relieve stress.   He discovered in that journey that he was a died in the wool person who *had* to paint in order to feel himself.  In other words, he realized that he had the temperment of an artist.   As Mike charged forward to learn how to paint through avid study and occasional workshops, he found that he was being called upon to teach what he knew.   Since then, he has become a nationally recognized artist and has held high office in the most prestigious of art organizations.   His work is featured in various painting instruction books, Art Magazines (national and international) and various seasonal exhibits around the country.   He is known as one of the most gifted painting instructors and is often called upon to demonstrate, speak, instruct and judge at venues all over the USA and abroad.   His work is held in collections, private and corporate, in the US, Europe and Australia.  He is a member of a few local art societies and is president emeritus of the prestigious National Watercolor Society.  He lives in Santa Cruz with his delightful wife, Diana.