Maggie Renner Hellmann

‘I love the Poetry of Brushwork and the Joy of Color’

My oil paintings express my love affaire with Nature. I can feel the magic of nature feeding my energy through sun and wind, temperature, sound and movement. Painting is also, my way of drinking in nature’s gift of freedom. I paint that freedom through color, brushwork and composition.

Whether painting outdoors or bringing my experience of nature into the studio, my goal is to express these experiences with my work. Intuition is key as I approach each painting with an earnest desire to capture the moment and pour my inner experience and energy onto the canvas. I invite color to lead me, and then the viewer, into the joys of nature. I’ve majored in art at San Jose State and have been painting for most of my life, over 40 years now. And it’s still magical!

Drawing, Painting, Sculpture