Mark Phillips

Green cab, metallic, like the aluminium shine of children’s toy racecars. Sun-yellow double-trailer with open tops, a dirt or rock mover probably. Rain-streaked, dust-splashed, creating areas of subtle color harmony, sometimes muted, sometimes vibrant. As it passes the road itself seems momentarily brighter.

Gray concrete, boxlike; minimal industrial design, all function, no shape. Yet someone has taken the trouble to paint the steam funnels glow-in-the-dark pink – wide, L-shaped, like smaller cousins of the huge funnels of a great steamship – so that the building as a whole takes on the appearance of a brightly-colored Constructivist poster.

I use photography to emulate Abstract Expressionism. Images are “found”: frequently from the industrial sources described above. All images are composed in-camera; there’s no digital editing apart from sharpening added for JPEG conversion. My goal is similar to the Abstract Expressionists’: explore the emotional impact of pure color and texture without representation, often based on the same color theory used in painting.