Meghann Miniello

M E G H A N N  M I N I E L L O  C R E A T I V E

An art and design studio specializing in custom wedding invitation design, watercolor illustration and brush lettering & modern calligraphy.  Meghann Miniello is originally from Ventura County in Southern California and in moving to Santa Cruz combines her love for the whole state with her love for art.  Influenced by the cool, chic, California culture, Meghann approaches traditional projects with a relatable and relaxed vibe, combining both hand-drawn and digital elements.

Meghann graduated with a BA in Art Studio from UCSB with an emphasis in Printmaking and Graphic Design.  She worked as an art director for the UCSB ASPB and then as the assistant to the director at ACE Gallery Los Angeles.  She continued her freelance design work while earning her CA Teaching Credential and MA. Ed. to become a high school art teacher.  She has worked for the last 5 years teaching traditional art, digital art, sculpture, ceramics and graphic design.

Now a new mama, Meghann has taken the leap to make her freelance work and the design studio her main professional focus.

Digital Art, Illustration, Mixed Media, Print-Making, Printing, Textile