Misty Spicer

 Hiho and welcome to my world . The pieces presented here represent a lifetime of adventures and wonder rolled up into things . From an early age I was taught to repurpose everyday objects. During my school years I took art classes whenever possible then finished school and went exploring the world. I cannot tell you what something will be or how a painting or piece of jewelry will end up . It’s all a big surprize for me . I dont belong to any clubs or such , though , I have exhibited in shows . Locally I participated in the first several Mask shows at Louden Nelson Center. My art is dependent upon which way the wind is blowing and what strikes my fancy . I see the world as a wonderous place just waiting for us to discover all it holds. I hope what I do stirs your imagination . I call it UNART because it’s Unexpected Art .  

Drawing, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Mural, Painting, Photography, Sculpture