Nanda Currant

I am a fine artist and have a background in art, therapy, and education. I have combined some of those skills as a documentary filmmaker and graduated from the Santa Fe Documentary Film Program in Santa Fe, NM and worked with Lightningwood Pictures in both editing,cinematographer and resource development.

In Santa Cruz I was an educational consultant and teacher involved in setting up alternative educational programs that built bridges between homeschool communities and public education. In Los Angeles I was involved with a group that focused on children and families with serious illness, Turning Point, and enjoyed traveling to others homes and settings to support their creative voice in a time of challenge and change.

My interests are in creativity coaching, art in therapy, narrative and nature journaling, books arts. As a filmmaker and editor I value working on projects that focus on sustainable choices for our future, also people and projects that participate as creative agents for change and share a concern about conservation and wildlife.

I have published two /books guides about performance art in service of the wild, Bringing Nature to Life and RiverWorks combining writing poetry, visuals and exercises to help others in their community to use their ecological imagination to culminate in a performance in a setting that draws attention to something they want to restore or help in their surroundings.

I am presently working on short videos about wolves offering sound information about who they are rather then the unfortunate ways they have been represented. I have a particular interest in predators and their role in the environment. I am also finishing up a children/adult book about birds as guardians in our world, Wingspread.

My mediums are drawing in pencil and color pencil, pastel, mixed media and photo transfer,photography and editing and film. I like collaborating with others and being a source of encouragement for creative work in others lives.


Digital Art, Drawing, Film, Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography