Olivia Barney

Olivia Barney is a Santa Cruz local, originally from Seattle. She works full time as an esthetician, specializing in eyelash extensions. The skill came naturally to Olivia, for the intricate, creative process became a form of craft and meditation. She deeply cherishes the relationships built with the women who have been her loyal clients for years, and the artistic expression that has sprung from it. 

A unique vision came to Olivia at work over a year ago. For some time, she had been struggling with an internal itch to try something new, when one day after finishing up an eyelash appointment, she saw an image that resembled the face of the moon in the remains of the charcoal-black eyelash glue after it had dried. 

After that day, she saved every little piece of plastic the glue always had lived on. And so the long, arduous process began to bring these designs to life through persistent experimenting fueled by a powerful vision. Once started, the artwork consumed Olivia. She finally discovered a way to manipulate the designs at a microscopic level and create color while never altering the original foundation of the designs. The process is done through Photoshop. Sometimes the editing is heavy, with lots of layers, and other times it is very minimal to none. 

Each piece is highly individualized, and each design began with an hour long session between a client and an artist. 

The images you will see are digital files, photos of her work printed on metal (which is her favorite form of presentation), and her unique process of transferring her artwork onto used teabags. 

Conceptual Art, Digital Art, Mixed Media