Paul Vernier

When I first wrote my artist statement, I wasn’t really happy with it. Then I finally got honest about why I work in clay. I think that the thing that most attracted me to clay was the challenges that the work presents. Technical challenges. I loved working on the wheel. There is an amazing amount of immediate feedback that one gets from the clay. This feedback can be a confirmation of the correct method, a warning of an impending disaster, and sometimes the challenge to push the limits. Clay is so personal, tactical and yes sensual. I should also let you know, I am a tool-aholic. There I have said it. I am not ashamed and I will not likely change. I build many of the tools and equipment I use. When I wanted a kiln, I thought, why not build it. But, that is another story. (see the post) I think you get an idea of what motivates me. Clay is a building material. A wonderful and versatile material. Creating works in clay to me is simply building. How many builders or artist have such an intimate relationship with their materials. Watch a potter returning from the studio. They will likely have clay on their hands, arms, face, hair, and clothes And a huge smile on their face.

Ceramics, Sculpture